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3 Reasons I Started a Business in the Travel Industry


I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. The idea of being my own boss and taking control of my own future was both appealing and liberating. That’s exactly the same way I feel about travel. The ability to get on a plane and land anywhere in the world to take a new adventure was, in my eyes, very similar to the idea of being able to start a business. It was thrilling, fulfilling, and an opportunity to learn.

Making the decision to start a business in the travel industry was easy. It seemed to address all of the things I loved while giving me the ability to live all of my aspirations. I was overwhelmed with all of the reasons why it felt like the best decision for me, but ultimately, all of those reasons fell under three main categories.

1. I Love Travelling

The world is so big, and I didn’t want to spend my life seeing virtually none of it. While I knew that there was no practical way to see every single country, I still had a desire to learn about the cultures and customs of places that were so different from my home. Starting a travel business allowed me to use my love of travel as a professional drive, but it was much more than that.

I was, to some extent, able to live vicariously through my customers. The follow up is one of the most important parts of doing business. I wanted repeat customers, and that came from establishing a rapport. After their trips, I wanted to make sure they had a good time. I invited them to share their experiences and photos as a part of their testimonials, and I learned and grew with them.

2. It Was Easy to Do

My travel business is web based. This made it a lot less expensive to start and manage. I didn’t know how to create a website, but I learned pretty quickly. Since I built it myself, I was also able to maintain it myself. I didn’t need to hire anyone else for the big jobs – only smaller contractors to help me out a little bit behind the scenes.

Since I was already knowledgeable about the travel industry from my own personal experiences, I got a little brush up on the education and I was ready to go. I was already passionate about the niche, so there was no reason to develop a passion. I didn’t need to completely change my life to learn how to start the business, and this allowed me to move quickly.

3. It Gave Me Freedom

The majority of the work I put into my business comes from the comfort of my home office. I can even work to maintain my travel business while traveling. While I could opt to find a brick and mortar location to serve my customers, I’m able to do more business by removing location barriers. I can work with people all over the country and provide them with the same level of service as I could if I were anchored in a single place.

My job supports my hobby, and that’s the best possible outcome. I can do what I love and live what I love at the same time. Everyone deserves a career like mine – take what you love to do, and turn it into your livelihood.

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