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4 Reasons Your Child Should Take an Overseas School Trip

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The classroom is certainly a safe environment, but every parent knows that, even here, there are potential dangers hovering. These dangers may appear to swell and multiply when they think about sending their children out into the world on an excursion abroad. For some parents, these problems can seem positively monstrous when a couple of weeks in a foreign land is touted.

But parents should put their minds at ease: with expert travel providers and dedicated teachers, safety is paramount and well assured on such trips. There may actually be more danger in not sending your son or daughter out into the world, for the simple fact they will miss out on the myriad benefits of an overseas excursion!

Renewed confidence

Some children are shrinking violets, others bellowing trombones. But all can do with a tweak to their self-worth and confidence from time to time. A perfect time for this is on a school trip; students have a chance to try new things, cast off the bounds of classroom restrictions, and experiment with their gifts and abilities. A student who braved time away from home on a trip to Budapest, for example, may well come home beaming with pride about how well they thrived with their peers in a strange place.

Fresh respect for education

Sometimes, even the most electric of classrooms can feel a little stale. A school trip is an ideal antidote to this. All parents want their children to be switched on and engaged in the classroom and, particularly for the bored student, an excursion ignites interest in learning. A foray to Geneva, for example, might be the ideal way to excite students about political studies, when their adrenaline and sense of wonder is high.

A sense of belonging

Classes, cliques and circles – students certainly have their tight knit groups. Yet in a world when more and more children are interacting virtually, a sense of connection within a real peer group can become tenuous. A school trip is a great way for your son or daughter to grasp the value of interpersonal relationships within a group of their peers. One the road to the French Alps, for example, they have a great chance to learn how to talk, trust and belong to a group of people who are in front of them, not merely on forums, blogs or social media.

A vocational purpose

As children grow older they begin to share their parents’ concern for their future, if not in the same way. They begin to wonder about future careers, yet at times it can be difficult for them to discuss or even picture this clearly. A school trip gives students a chance to visualise various types of employment. For example, a math tour to Edinburgh, an ecology journey to Normandy, or a music excursion to Lake Garda can give students a real taste of working life in their potential career. This may be just the impetus they need to better realise what they do and do not wish to do after they complete their studies.


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