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5 Incredible Lochs to Visit in Scotland


Scotland is famous for its intense natural beauty and perhaps one of the features that people best associate with the country is its lochs. These large and lovely bodies of water are often framed by mountains and valleys and offer stunning fishing, boating and camping opportunities. The perfect places to get back to nature, here are five incredible Scottish lochs that should not be missed.

Loch Ness
The enchanting area is a popular tourist attraction and sees visitors in their droves arrive throughout the year in the hope of doing a little monster-spotting. Visitor centres that provide more information about the legend are located at Drumnadrochit. Loch Ness is deeper than the North Sea and has enough water to fill every lake, reservoir and river in England. The best way to see the loch is to follow the scenic road along its northern shore. Along the way visitors will discover the stunning Urquhart Castle ruins with its picture postcard location overlooking the Loch. There are two rival Loch Ness legend centres in Drumnadrochit, the Loch Ness 2000 and the Original Loch Ness Monster Visitors Centre.

Loch Tay
This impressive freshwater loch can be found in the highlands of Scotland close to several atmospheric destinations such as Perth, Stirling and Kinross. This long and very narrow loch is a little over fourteen miles long, while it is only a mile and a half wide at its widest point. The scenery that graces the north shore of Loch Tay is particularly dramatic and visitors will have the chance to gaze at several hills and mountains such as Ben Lawers, one of the tallest mountains in the whole of the British Isles. This is all the while following some of the many picturesque hiking trails that run around the loch, which are arguably the best way to view this expanse of water in all its glory.

Loch Lomond
This is the largest area of fresh water in the whole of the United Kingdom and is an impressive 24 miles long, five miles wide and 600 feet deep in places. Loch Lomond is also surrounded by dramatic and richly varied scenery that helps to make this a stunning place to drive around. The area has a range of attractions such as the Glengoyne Distillery, as well as a number of castles, outdoor activities and accommodation options including Cameron Lodges. A total of 38 islands can be found in the loch and some of these islands such as the relatively large Inchmurrin, are inhabited. This island is around one and a half miles long and visitors are welcome to explore Inchmurrin at their leisure.

Loch Katrine
This enchanting natural area has long been a popular daytrip destination among visitors to Glasgow and people who live there. Enjoying a picnic on the shore of Loch Katrine is the perfect way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the big city for a while and perhaps take a boat trip across the water to one of the small yet very pretty islands that can be found there such as Black Isle, Ellen’s Isle or Factor’s Island.

Lake of Menteith
This is the only lake in the whole of Scotland and can be found on the outskirts of the town of Falkirk in the Stirlingshire area of Scotland. It is also known locally as Loch Inchmahome and occupies an impressive position on the Carse of Stirling. In addition to swimming and sailing on the cool and clear waters of Lake Menteith, visitors can also choose to take a boat trip to explore one of the small islands that inhabit the lake. One of the most popular among visitors is Inchmahome Island, which is home to an ancient monastery known as Inchmahome Priory, as well as a collection of other interesting buildings.


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