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5 Things You Could Get Addicted to After Visiting Mozambique

You know that feeling when you come back from a trip and you simply cannot get used to living without some of the things you had/did during that period when you were away? It can happen with any destination, but Mozambique is special. The “underdog” of African tourism, Mozambique simply captures you with its vast coastline, amazing white sparkly sand stretches, turquoise and azure water and friendly people, and before you realize it – you are hooked. So was the author Lisa St. Aubin de Terán who only in Mozambique finally felt at home even though it was “so remote that few have visited it since the time of Vasco de Gama”. Here are some of the things that will surely provoke that Mozambique-nostalgia for you.

The Kindness
In the distant 15th century when the previously mentioned Vasco de Gama first arrived to Mozambique, he felt so welcome that he called it “Terra de Boa Gente” – a name which Mozambique wears with pride and consistency even today. If there is a single thing that you will miss once you leave this intriguing country, those are definitely its people. They are so generous and straightforward and it is quite easy to grow accustomed to them. You will find yourself greeting strangers on the streets of your hometown. They will probably look at you as if you needed to be hospitalized. What they will not know is that you have just arrived from a country where people consider it normal, if not mandatory, to greet with a kind smile even the people they do not know.

The Food
Oh great, hamburger again! So boring. If you spend some time in Mozambique you will surely get hooked on their delicious food , which is a true revelation of what food should actually taste like. Starting from seafood, prepared in a way that is a mixture of Mediterranean Portuguese cuisine and spicy local flavors (peri-peri and coconut milk) to local signature dishes, such as cassava chips to matapa (stewed cassava leaves with spices and coconut milk).

Sure, you can see Mozambique as the perfect getaway it is, but you cannot ignore its intriguing and fun cities, especially Maputo. This city will make you want to stay forever, and we say, why not? A diverse offer of property for rent on will show you that it is neither hard nor expensive to find a place to live in for some time in the Mozambique capital. You will fall in love with the splendid mixture of Portugal-influenced architecture and grey(ish) Marxist style apartment blocks. And you will miss the sight of crowded markets and scents of street food blending in the air.

The Beaches
No matter which part of Mozambique’s coastline you have visited, you will want to take a piece of it with you – the untouched nature of Bazaruto Archipelago, the azure waters of Quirimbas Archipelago, the glorious waves of Tofo. Some of the best beaches in the world are located in Mozambique and you will find nothing like them in any part of this planet. No matter how beautiful it is, it will not have Vamizi, Benguera, Inhaca or Wimbe, and you will know it. That is when the nostalgia hits you – when you remember those clean waters, warm white sparkly sands slipping through your fingers, gentle breeze going through your hair and a local fisherman casting his net into the depths of the ocean.

Under the Sea
There is no way you have been to Mozambique and have not at least tried diving and snorkeling. That would be foolish. Mozambique’s underwater world is a true sight for sore eyes and it will be hard for you to imagine the world in which you cannot see 2000 different kinds of fish whenever you jump into the water. Since Mozambique’s Neptune’s Arm is believed to be one of the finest diving spots in the world, it is quite easy to see how the underwater world of this African gem can be so captivating.
It is not strange that you get a serious case of Mozambique-nostalgia once your adventure ends. Unfortunately, this illness is incurable, but you can always take a part of this magic with you (learn recipes for local food, get plenty of photos and make a lot of pen pals) and travel to Terra de Boa Gente again.

Author bio:
Oliver Hyde is an experienced business consultant from the UK. His job allows him to travel, which also happens to be one of his greatest passions. Being a wanderer, he rarely stays at the same place for a long time, but Africa stole his heart. He had been travelling through the continent for more than a year. You can follow his travel adventures on Twitter.

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