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5 Tips for Exotic Travels to South Africa with Your Kids


Traveling with children may be a challenging overall experience but with proper planning, fun is never out of the equation. All you have to do is research well before the trip and find the best solutions to accommodate yourself and your kids best wherever you go.

We recommend South Africa as the best location for your travel adventure this year. You have a wide range of great places to visit there. Discover below the best locations for an exotic vacation spent far away in South Africa with your family.


Planning is the Key Element for Perfect Travelling with Kids

You must consider travelling to African regions with your children at least once in your life. There is no better location to ensure the perfect wildlife experience for you and your family. All you have to do is start by planning the trip well in advance. You need to consider which of the available exotic locations there are best to ensure proper safety and fun for you and your family. The wide variety of options will help you teach your children all about having fun while acquiring valuable knowledge.

Just because the African territory offers exotic experiences, it should not be considered a forbidden option when travelling with kids. On the contrary, it is actually the most valuable travelling destination in terms of perfect entertainment and education for kids. Showing them the world as it is together with its wildlife component is highly recommended even by specialists.

Choose Perfect Locations for Organized Tours

Plan to make the most of your wild experience and explore as much as you can in this region of natural beauty. The Kruger National Park should be included on your list of places to visit there. It is a natural reserve with a special atmosphere ready to reveal itself to you and your family. Your children will get the chance of their life to be educated right in the middle of nature while having fun.

Cape Town should also be included on the list if you want to spend some time on white, sandy beaches. You can engage in organized tours in these areas and get most out of your travel by choosing self – catering villas in Cape Town. Combine the wildlife experience with the African beach adventure and everyone will be happy this year! As a result, your kids will learn to enjoy life and always gain knowledge from any activity they might engage in even on holiday.

Reduce the Increased Costs of a Standard Family Trip

Going to South Africa as a full team is considered a choice that brings higher costs for you. However, with higher costs also come higher benefits! You can also find decent conditions right in the middle of nature or in towns located close to the wild area and not have to spend a fortune on accommodation. Focus more on planning a fun vacation where education for children will find place in the overall adventure rather than on luxurious accommodation.


Choose the Amphitheatre Experience for Decent Costs

For lower costs, you can choose places right in the middle of nature like the Amphitheatre from Drakensberg. It includes all the perfect geographical features to become the most impressive cliff attraction on Earth. This is the perfect opportunity for you to teach your kids more about their role and place in the world.

Engaging in hiking trails to the foot of the fabulous Tugella Falls will be an experience you will never forget. You can engage in an easy 7-kilometer hike that will allow you to spend more time in nature. You will reach the base of the world’s second tallest falls plunging over 948 meters. Totally worth your efforts when you consider how much your kids will learn from this experience!


Interactivity is Best for You and Teenagers

The great news is that children who start travelling young become much more flexible travelers down the line. You should know that interactive wilderness trips help your kids learn a lot about nature, origins and ancient civilizations. Teenagers are always attracted by active, exotic experiences so South Africa is the best choice to consider for this.

How about planning a trip to the amazing Cango Caves from Oudtshoorn? This will certainly offer you the chance to experience something thrilling and fuel your little gangsters’ imagination. These are located in the foothills of the Swartberg close to Oudtshoorn and feature an extensive system of amazing chambers and tunnels that go on for more than 4 kilometers. What better way to show kids the amazing natural world surrounding them? Discovering new cultures and customs will also be a valuable life lesson for them.

Never Limit Yourself

You can also consider visiting Namaqualand in spring or take the Garden Route towards the Tsitsikamma National Park. Your kids will gain an excellent overview of the green, lush covering sea and forest during this experience.

South Africa is the perfect location for individuals and families travelling there now. You have the widest range of exotic locations to consider for the perfect trip according to your requirements and needs. Plan well in advance, find the best locations and accommodation conditions for reduced costs and show your kids the beauty of natural life and history. They will learn to appreciate nature more and have the best experience ever!



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