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5 Tips for Top Desert Safari Destination of the World


Dubai is famous for lot of things; there have man-made architectural wonders like Palm Island and the world 7 star hotel Burj Al Arab. But other than these wonders, there is one more thing which has attracted thousands of tourists from every nook and corner of the world. This is a different kind attraction, people call it desert safari. Tourists are taken to desert for a tour of 30 minutes to a few hours which ends with barbeque and Arabian dance. If you are in Dubai this season don’t forget to see the sand dunes at the time of sun setting, I bet this will be yours most memorable tour ever.
Although it is hard to go in desert during daytime because of soaring temperature but you will forget about this when you will see the sand dunes. The excitement and thrill will push your adrenaline level. Here are few tips to make your desert safari a memorable trip.

Sun is Harmful
When you leave your room makes sure you have used sun block. Although tour operators will take you on tour in an air conditioned car but when you will reach in desert, you have to come out for taking a closer look of the sand dunes or to take photographs. After seeing the beauty of the desert you cannot resist the temptation of capturing it by your camera.
Other than sub block another important thing to use is sunglasses. And for extra cover use a cotton scarf to cover your face and head. This will give you good protection against hot wind. Arabian people are covering their head and wearing clothes which give protection against soaring heat.

Whatever you see you wish to capture that, so a good quality camera will do the perfect job for you. I am sure desert safari will make you spellbound. You never had contemplated before that a desert can be so beautiful, try to fathom the beauty of it. Take some breathtaking pictures for your loved ones or friends back home.

Share Your Experience
Share this wonderful experience with your loved ones and if unfortunately you are not together this time. Next time you can plan a trip with them. This will bring loved ones much closer and you will spend a good time.

When you are out in summer season you need water or liquid diet continuously to stay hydrated. Even if the trip will last only for half an hour, it is better to take adequate amount of water. You can also take other beverages along with you.

Best Time is before Sunset
Time before sunset is considered as the best time to have a feast for your eyes and soul. To make it memorable you can also go on a camel ride, this will give a different feel. Tour organizers also arrange the dinner after desert safari. They serve wonderful dishes to satisfy your taste buds. This is followed by smoking Shisha and Arabian belly dance.

jack Synder is a travelling enthusiast and passionate about exploring the world. He thoroughly enjoyed Desert Safari in Dubai and has written several blog on the same.

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