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6 Secrets That Hong Kong Hotel Websites Won’t Tell You

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If you’ve ever tried to compare hotels by looking at their websites, you probably finished up a bit confused. If all of these hotels are so absolutely wonderful, why are some of them less expensive than others? Why do some people come back and say they didn’t like them? How can every one of them possibly be the most luxurious, the most beautifully designed, have the best customer service?

There’s no point in choosing a hotel based on the marketing copy on their website. Today we show you how to find out what you really need to know about any Hong Kong hotel before you book it.

1. Check Hotel Review Sites
While these sites can be a good first stop for discerning travellers booking Hong Kong hotels , it pays to treat it with a bit of caution.
Sites like Tripadvisor can be a great place to get real people’s reviews and thoughts about hotels. However, it’s worth remembering that:
• Anyone can create as many accounts as they like, with no more ID than an email address. There’s no way to verify if a Tripadvisor account owner actually stayed at the hotel. So, competitors may unfortunately make things up, or hotel owners may do the same. Trust accounts that have reviews in several cities, and hotels that have many reviews.
• People are more likely to hop on the net and complain about a bad experience than they are to praise a good one – so you might get a biased view of a hotel.
• Negative reviews may have stayed in much cheaper rooms; positive reviews might have stayed in the upper end ones.
• Numbers count. Don’t let yourself be swayed one way or the other unless you keep hearing the same things over and over again!

2. Do Your Pricing Homework
Hotel rates are known for varying wildly for absolutely no reason! Don’t book until you’ve Googled it to death.

3. Be Prepared to Pay
Hong Kong is not one of the world’s cheapest cities. If you’re looking for rock bottom bargain prices, on accommodation or anything else, this is not the city for you. That said, there are some great back doors into big Hong Kong hotel discounts …

4. Get Your Haggle On
Hong Kong is a city of hagglers. If you find a better deal on a room after you’ve already booked, you could ring the hotel and ask for a free upgrade or breakfast. If your room is noisy, ask for another. In Hong Kong if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.

5. Separate Your Needs and Wants
You’ll get a Hong Kong hotel that suits you much better if you can be realistic about separating your ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ in hotel features.
Are you really going to use the gym? Will you be going to bed at 9pm, or will you actually make use of a location in the Lan Kwai Fong party district? Are you going to be spending so little time in your room that you’ll barely see the architect design? Have you ever even cared about architect design before?!
There is a lot of variance in Hong Kong hotels. Make sure you book one that gives you what you care about.

6. Try a Secret Hotel
Secret hotel promotions can be found on many hotel booking sites now, and most experiences with them are incredibly positive! Some Hong Kong hotels want to fill extra rooms, but don’t want to be flooded with people expecting ultra-cheap deal. So they put up a ‘secret hotel’ deal … and if you aren’t too particular about the location, you benefit!

Booking the right Hong Kong hotel is a lot more complicated than just finding the cheapest rate for the number of beds you need. There are some awesome ways to score big discounts on sought-after rooms, and to ensure that you get what you expect. Get ready to push the big yellow ‘Book’ button on the Hong Kong hotel of your dreams!
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