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A Better Way Of Living In a Vehicle While Traveling


Fleetwood RVs are the favorite choice for many people who love to travel in RVs on long trip. They are well designed with ample facilities provided so that the buyers can totally depend on these RVS without any fear. It is a leading manufacturer in RVS for Class A and Class C. it is one of the strongest and longest company in distribution of networks with industries most recognized brand names such as American Coach and Bounder. The production of the Fleetwood’s RVS are rising with large surplus, they are giving tough competition to their rivals. As the demand for the RVs increase the people started expecting some more additional features in the RVS.

The Fleetwood modified the 5 wheel trailers to 12 trailers so that it will be easy in towing and balancing well by the heavy loads it. The Fleetwood recently announced the forthcoming model ‘The 2011 Fleetwood Storm’ which includes more features similar to home with large amount of space for sleeping and addition rooms with more storage capacity. It is the combination of the best aspects from both class A and class C which makes them one of the best RVs for sale. It is the best RVs which are loaded with standard features which provide a great value when compare with the other RVs for sale.

The 2011 Fleetwood Storm is available in 3 floor types: – The First model is available in 28 foot single slide along with rear bedroom, more spacious, wrap bed which is large enough with 28 MS, The second model comes with 31- foot dual slide including dinning along with sofa in the living room (30SA) and the third model with 31 foot dual slide with standard beds or you can opt for breakfast bed which is available for 2 persons. (32BH).The additional features include Hide a loft queen sized bed with well equipped air mattress.

The Fleetwood RVs has standard features which will be available in all the three models are 26″ LCD wide screen TV along with DVD player, Soft touch Sofa, amazing light options available which are suitable for day and night, driver and passengers chairs with soft touch flair, Fiber glass windows, full extension drawers, automatic lock systems, 82″ height, beautiful interior design with well furnished materials, heated tanks, air conditioner, wheel simulators, Luggage compartments, rear view mirrors, roof ventilation, dual batteries attached with the water tank and water filtrate.

It has distributed in large amount in selling its best to all over the world. Many filmmakers used Fleetwood RVS for the betterment of traveling on such long distances. Fleetwood is the company where a person can depend and trust them in manufacturing the best RVs across the world. As the demand for the RVs are increasing rapidly, the people are becoming more educated in terms of buying and demanding for better quality, corrosion and resistant coatings. The Invention of ‘The 2011 Storm by Fleetwood’ fulfills all the requirement for the perfect recreational vehicle.


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