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A Memorable Beach Holiday in San Felipe

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If you are planning to spend an exciting yet relaxing beach holiday, San Felipe can be your best choice. As the beach destination is a border between the sea and a desert, you can consider participating in various activities while exploring the scenic beauty of the region. Irrespective of the nature and duration of your vacation, the town offers enough options to keep your family entertained and relaxed. But you must prepare the holiday plan in advance and consider booking a beach front rental , to experience a fresh and distinct holidaying experience.

Enjoy the Beach

The mood and look of the sea constantly change throughout a day. In the morning the tides starts coming in, whereas the water goes out again in the evening. So you must not miss the chance to enjoy the changing views with your loved ones. You can take your partner for a leisurely walk on the beach or boost your romantic mood by watching sunrises and sunsets. Your kids will love to explore the beach and go swimming. If you are in a lazy mood, simply relax on the beach and read your favorite paperbacks. After waking up early, you can even participate in the fishing expeditions to explore abundant variety and species of fish.

Explore Popular Tourist Attractions

San Felipe attracts road enthusiasts, nature lovers and college students during various seasons. The international tourists love to explore some of the popular monuments and sites. You can take your family to see a functioning lighthouse located around the Malecon area that still guides local fishermen during foggy days. Similarly, you can visit the natural hot spring located at Puertecitos, a settlement 90 kilometers away south of San Felipe. Your kids will be both surprised and amused after seeing the Natural Reserve of the Cardon Cactus, a thousand years old specimens. Some of these giant specimens also grow as tall as 50 feet.

Enjoy Exciting Water Sports

Similar to other beach town, San Felipe also allows tourists to enjoy exciting water sports. If you are interested in riding the surf, you can simply hire jet skis and explore the clam waters of Sea of Cortez. A holiday in San Felipe will remain incomplete without taking a banana boat ride. From the shore, the long, soft, buoyant and yellow boats look just like a banana. But these boats are designed without any motor, tiller, frame, cockpit, sails or keel. You simply have to find a place and hang on to experience the thrill of taking a banana boat ride. If you are planning to watch the banana boats from the shore, you can consider hire a horse and enjoy a horse ride on the beach.

Participate in Local Events

The Mexican beach destination is also a great place to hand out with your friends. You have options to choose from several good hotel rentals to suit your holiday plan and budget. After occupying your holiday accommodation, you can explore the restaurants, bars and cantinas of the region. At the same time, you can make the holiday memorable by participating in local events and festivals. Based on the time of your visit, you can consider participating in a number of popular events like Baja Score 250 (March 10-12), 4th Annual Chili Cook off (May 6), CODE off Road San Felipe race (April 21-23), Dia de la Marina Nacional (June 1), and IV Sport Fishing Tournament (May 7).

San Felipe allows tourists to choose from several activities based on their mood and likings. You may be planning a long or short vacation; the Mexican beach destination will definitely keep you relaxed and entertained.                                                                                                               Content by




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