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A Quick Visit to London


You happen to be visiting London for a few days in business and when the business is done, you would like to get to move around and see the city instead of just staying the rest of the days in your hotel room. The problem is, there is so much to see in London that you would not be able to see it all in the small amount of time that you have. However, that should not be an issue, there are some places that you can visit that would help you feel like you have gone around the whole city several times. Here are some of them.


The London’s Eye :
This is a great place to start. Not only because it is very common but also because for thirty minutes it allows you to see more of London more than you would ever have even if you had the time. It gives you a great view of the city for just 30 minutes. However because the place is popular and you’re short on time, it is better to get the tickets beforehand. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of your time on the queues which might take up to 45 minutes.


Big Ben:

Once you have visited the wheel and taken a ride, the other most iconic thing that you will see that is known everywhere in the world is Big Ben. This is one of those monuments that you should not miss seeing when you’re in London. The other reason as to why this might be a great place to visit especially if you’re in London for a short time is because it is just within walking distance of other major tourist attractions in the city that include Parliament square, the House of Parliament, Westminster Bridge as well as the Westminster Abbey.


The National Gallery:

For those that might be fans of art, then the national gallery might offer a great place for you to get a comprehensive feel of the nation’s artistic culture. For about 60 minutes, the National Gallery will give you a comprehensive insight of what all the other galleries in the city would offer you. Whether it is the historic pieces or modern art, you’re more likely to get it here all under one roof as opposed to going from gallery to gallery. It saves you time and gives you more art to marvel at.

The Castles

If you have a fetish for royalty and would like to have the best encounter with the homes of royalty, then the castles are your best chance. Not only do they offer a great tour but you may also be able to learn the political past of the nation and get to see some of the trend setting castles like the Windsor castle which is the largest occupied castle in the world, the Kensington Palace, which was the home of the late princess Diana as well as King Henry VIII’s home and perhaps the most stunning of all palaces in London Hampton Court Palace.

If you’re on a short trip and you want to feel like you have traversed the whole of London, these places will give you that feeling without a doubt. All you have to is ensure that you have been registered with the ESTA system to avoid any problems while touring and you’re good to go.

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