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Australia – A Favored Holiday Destination


Australia is considered to be a major and popular travel destination and is also a very beautiful country. It has some best travel destinations and attractions and offers unique and assorted landscape to various travelers. Despite its large area being covered with sand it has enough space available to make Australia a favored travel destination in the world. Here we shall discuss some major travel destination which we will recommend you to visit in Australia. There are many more important attractions in Australia that have not been listed because more than one Hub Post will be needed to list all of them. You may like to go through some of best travel attractions in Australia and can use Musafir discount coupons while making your travel bookings.


It is a magnificent city of Australia and is the preferred travel destination of the tourists. This beautiful city is famous for Harbor Bridge, Opera House and Darling Harbor that attract a large number of tourists. This dynamic city has best shopping complexes, hangout zones and restaurants where you can enjoy your trips thoroughly. Museums, beaches, important buildings, festivals etc have made visit to this city a must for the visitors.


It is a well known adventure and sightseeing travel destination that is known for resources and amazing natural beauty. It is close to Great Barrier Reef making it more attractive and interesting and is an ideal place to enjoy adventure activities during your visit. Adventure lovers admire this place for the availability of various sports activities such as snorkeling, helicopter trip, hot air balloon trip, diving, night zoo safari and activities at the barrier reef. It has tolerable climatic conditions that make it a favorite tourist city and the best sightseeing place in Australia. At the time of booking rooms you must use Expedia coupons for hotels to get reasonable rates.


Adelaide is the capital of City of South Australia and is known as ‘City of Churches’. It is fifth largest city of Australia. It’s amazing natural resources, landscapes, historic spots, townships etc make it hot attraction for the tourists in Australia. Here the festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and the travelers are greatly attracted towards these throughout the year. Besides the travel attractions, Adelaide provides you excellent food to enjoy and is known for having best vineyards.


It is also known as “Cultural Capital of India” and is capital City of Victoria. It is a big tourist attraction in Australia and was voted the most livable city in the year 2011. Its unique city life, historic buildings, arts, beauty, culture, museums etc are its main attractions. Tourists from across the world keep traveling to Melbourne for fully enjoying its natural beauty and magnificent city life.


It is fourth most populated city of Australia and is capital city of Western Australia. It is also known as “City of Light” and its zoo, museums, islands, wildlife parks are the main attractions that force the tourists to visit the beautiful city. Calm atmosphere of Perth makes it ideal holiday destination where you can have memorable holidays.

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