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Brazil waives Visa for visitors from four countries ahead of Olympics.

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In the hopes of drawing people to the country for the 2016 Summer Olympics,that will hold in Rio de Janeiro from August 5–21. The Brazilian officials have announced they are temporarily waiving visa requirements for travelers in the country from June 1 through September 18. In addition to U.S. tourists, the visa waiver also applies to citizens holding passports from Japan, Australia, and Canada.

This appears to be a common sense—and a nifty tourism strategy. Brazil’s economy is struggling and in deep recession, and an increase in travelers would both ease logistics in and out of the country surrounding the Olympics and provide a much-needed financial boost. Brazilian Tourism Minister Henrique Eduardo Alves has high hopes for the three-month initiative, he said the goal is for leisure travelers from the four countries to increase by twenty percent. Flights to South America have been on the rise this year, and Brazilian airline Azul made an all-you-can-fly pass available in country as added incentive to visit.

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