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Cheap Valentine’s Ideas – Budget Valentine’s Day Destinations in Japan


While some people may not consider Japan a romantic Valentine’s Day destination, there are many budget Valentine’s destinations worth considering there. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for cheap Valentine’s ideas.

Helicopter cruising in Tokyo or Yokohama is among the more unique ideas for Valentines Day. Cruises are available during the day and night, and also at twilight. Cruise length varies from 5 to 20 minutes and any length in between, depending on your personal preference. Shinjuku, Tokyo Tower, and Roppongi are just some of the areas you will fly over while on a cruise.

Tokyo Disney Sea is also offering Romantic Night Passport tickets for the month of February. During this time, the there will be romantically-themed shows in the park and the decorations will all be suited to a romantic mood for couples and lovers. These tickets are going for 5,000 yen apiece.

You could also visit the skating rink at the Yokohama Akarenga or the Red Brick Warehouse. The lighting has been designed to achieve a romantic atmosphere, and candles will be sold nearby so couples can buy and light them. Married couples and soon-to-be married couples alike will enjoy an evening out here.

The island of Enoshima is also known as Valentine Island. This island features a lighthouse observatory and also many wonderful gardens that will light up the hearts of couples. In February, evening events and concerts can also be found here. At night, take a romantic stroll down to the seaside with your loved one.

Lover’s Cape in the Izu Peninsula offers couples a bell observatory and a series of hot springs. The office at Lover’s Cape also has a tradition of giving visiting couples lover’s certificates upon their departure from there.

At night, Kobe Harborland sparkles with thousands of lights and is a wonderfully romantic and exciting place to visit with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Cinemas, shops, amusement areas, and restaurants abound there. You and your loved one are sure to have an exciting night out. Kobe Harborland can be found in Chuo-Ku Kobe City.

In Hokkaido, couples can attend the Sounkyo Hyobaku Festival. Ice sculptures are painstakingly created and set in wooden frames. At night, the sculptures are illuminated so they flow with an inner light, and fireworks displays are also set off. This is a favourite for couples who simply wish to hold one another under the sky full of fireworks.

Finally, there are two cruise ships that run cruises in Tokyo Bay. The ships will depart from the Tokyo Hinode pier and arrive in Odaiba or Tokyo Bay. Both French and Italian restaurants can be found on board the ships. A Valentine’s Day cruise is an excellent way to spend this special day with your loved one.

Without activities that renew their love, many couples find that their passion fades after some time. So, this Valentine’s Day, take the chance to indulge in one of the unique ideas for Valentines Day, and rekindle the flame of romance in your lives. Showing your loved one that you still love them does not require huge amounts of money. So what are you waiting for? You can find plenty of chap Valentines ideas. Book your Valentine’s Day getaway now and ensure that you and your loved one truly enjoy this special day. After all, Valentine’s Day comes only once every year.


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