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Cool Things To Enjoy In Gisborne, New Zealand


Cool Things to Enjoy in the Gisborne District

The district of Gisborne, nestled on the east coast of the north island in New Zealand, was something of a shock to me on my travels because I expected it to be a boring city full of businesses and equally uninspiring surrounding lands but I was wrong.

While there are plenty of places for people who love nightlife, I’m not going to cover these in this article as I personally enjoy the outdoor lifestyle more these days. So with that out of the way, here are some of the things which stood out for me.


The Beaches

There is a huge range of beaches to choose from, some very close to the Gisborne city and some requiring a bit of a drive. Most of them are great for a general ‘day at the beach’ and for swimming, although some are also popular for surfing, which you’ll need to make sure you swim apart from the surfing areas.

For a beach near the city you can try the Wainui Beach which is only just south east of the city (around 5 km), off state highway 35. It’s great to spend the day and you’ll be fine bringing a picnic to enjoy on the beach.

If you want to try a beach a little outside the city then I recommend the Tolaga Bay Beach which is approximately 50 km. Head east out of the city on state highway 35 and follow it with the coast to your right, heading north until you reach the bay. The small village has lots of nice shops and I think the beach is particularly great for swimming.


The rather hectic sport of surfing is also popular at the beaches in this area.

The most popular places for surfing are the Wainui Beach (which I listed above) and Waikanae Beach.

But I would recommend someone who knows how to surf teach you at least the basics before you try it for the first time as I had a terrible time when I tried to teach myself and must have fallen off a hundred times!

Maori Culture Experience

There are a number of shows and events for people to learn about the Maori culture.

One of the most popular shows is called Waka Toa where you watch various performances, dances and songs of the Maori. They also have some good food on offer while you watch the performances. They have four shows which range from 1.5 to 3.5 hours.


Another thing which is popular in this district is to go on a cycling tour. There are plenty of great roads, so spend some time looking at maps and plan out something you and your family can manage in a day.

There are also various guided tours where you pay to ride with a touring company, either in a small area which usually lasts for a day or along many days which usually covers many locations.

This article was brought to you by Jack who writes for the Pedaltours company in New Zealand which runs cycling tours around the world.

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