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Coping With Tough Airport Security Rules


After 9/11, people can no longer just pack anything in their luggage. Security checks have also become more stringent, with most airports asking air travellers to remove even their shoes and belts for checking before they can board.

Strict rules at airports across different continents means more hassle for air travellers when it comes to packing. And one of these rules is that prohibition on large amounts of liquids and gels in carry-ons. Of course, there’s nothing we can do about them. Rules are rules. If you break them, you may encounter delays in getting on your flight and/or be booked for your violation.

Here are ways on how to cope with strict airport rules:

Learn about current airport security rules – Airports continually update their rules to cope with the rising threats of terrorism worldwide. Airport security rules that are enforced by the US and the UK and other countries limit items in carry-ons or bags carried on board. Be sure to know what specific items you cannot pack in your carry-on. For example, limit your liquids and gels to small containers within a clear plastic bag with Ziploc-style closures. The amount of liquids and gels that are allowed to be brought into the cabin may vary from country to country. However, if you’re flying to the United States from any country, you can only take with you a maximum of three ounces of liquids and gels on board.

Choose the right carry-on – With strict airport security rules also comes the need to pack right and choose the right piece of luggage to take on board a plane. The carry-on you’ll choose has to fit size requirements, and this can vary from one airline to the next. If you’re flying different airlines with different size requirements for carry-ons, this means getting more than one piece of them.

What can you pack? – It can be tough choosing which liquids and gels to carry on board with you. What you can do is to choose the toiletries and hygiene-care items you’ll use in the first few days at your destination during which time you still can’t buy. Have a checklist of the liquids and/or gels you want to bring with you on board depending on your needs: deodorants, sunscreen, contact lens solution, shampoo, etc. You can get sample sizes of the liquids/gels.

A little foresight helps when packing. Be sure to pack right and pack light to avoid delays getting on your flight.


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