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Discovering the Secret London

Discovering the Secret London

Samuel Johnson was right when he remarked, “If you are tired of London, you are tired of life”. From Madame Tussauds to the London Eye, there is so much to explore for visitors. But for those who want to go off the beaten path, there exists a secret London that the tourists often miss to explore. 2000 years of the history have left a lot of surprises and secrets in every corner of the city. Those who want to explore London in a unique way need to keep their eyes open.
Let’s discover some modern and ancient secret places to drop by during your London holiday.

Little Venice in London

Little Venice, the pool of water lies just where the Grand Union and Regent’s Canals meet. Whirling water makes its way through the heart of the city. It’s called Little Venice because of its aesthetic qualities which encourage comparisons with the exceptional city. The tranquillity of the place makes you feel as if you are far away from the hustling streets of London.

Cellar Door- A Secret Bar

‘Zero Aldwych’, find this puzzling address in London and you will get access to a public convenience. But as you step downstairs, you will find a quirky little secret bar. Though this tiny bar can seat up to only 20-25 people but still is a must-visit place. Enjoy a range of refreshing concoctions and live music in a bizarre setting.

The Mysterious Chislehurst Caves

Yes, we are going underground. This attraction is particularly intriguing for those who have a keen interest in history. A lamp lit guided tour acquaints you with the caves tunnelled before 800 years ago. These mysterious grottoes were used as a mass air raid shelter during the Bombardment. These caves were also used in episodes of Dr Who.

The Grenadier and Its Ghosts

If you want to visit a haunted place, then this spooky pub is the best choice. One of its creepy walls features newspaper reports of it being haunted. The story goes that an unfortunate grenadier was found cheating while playing guards. His fellow soldiers beat him up and he dies. It is said that he haunts the place to this day. The staff often reports hearing moaning noises and footsteps.

Dennis Severs House- A Quirky Museum

Curious tourists are invited to visit the former residence of artist Denis Severs. But before you step in, a good rule of thumb is to keep your eyes wide open if you want your visit to make sense. As you walk in, you can easily feel the existence of an imaginary 18th century family. Unmade beds and the aroma of the food about to be consumed, everything makes their presence all the more evident. So, the idea is that you are being asked to imagine. It’s not what you see that makes sense, but what you have just overlooked.

Café in the Crypt- A Hidden Bistro

This lively café is hidden in the 18th century crypt of St Martins-in-the-Fields which is one of the popular churches in London. The self-service café set in the heart of the city serves good value food including meals, snacks, and drinks. After all, what can be better than enjoying superb food in a historic setting?
Along with its world famous attractions, London is home to some secret gems that the tourists often miss to visit. If you are planning to visit London soon, don’t forget to visit these hidden gems.

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