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Discovering Washington DC’s Best Memorials and Monuments


f you have booked a hostel in Washington DC and plan to see the city’s most important sights, make sure you visit some of the many memorials and monuments it is home to. From presidents to poets, there are structures dedicated to the nation’s well-known figures all over the U.S. Capital.

And you may find that by booking budget accommodation, you have a little more money to spend on activities during your trip.

If you are eager to see as many of the monuments as possible, it is probably best to take a tour. This way, you can benefit from transport between sites – as you will discover these are spread across a vast area that could be difficult to cover on foot.

Alternatively, why not visit some of the most striking memorials at night? Indeed, these are often at their most impressive when illuminated against a dark sky.

There are many war monuments to be seen, as well as those dedicated to presidents. The Arlington National Cemetery is particularly important, being the final resting place of well-known national figures such as John F Kennedy. Meanwhile, it is also the largest burial ground in the country.

Divided into four sections, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monument is split into this number of galleries as each represents one of his terms in office. Exploring them, you will discover many sculptures of the president.

The Lincoln Memorial is another must-see, with a statue of Abraham Lincoln surrounded by nearly 40 Grecian columns – making this a particularly striking sight.

Meanwhile, the DC War Memorial is another important – if lesser known – site. Commemorating the local residents who lost their lives in the first world war, it is dedicated to over 20,000 people.

The African American Civil War Monument is also well worth a visit, with the Wall of Honor dedicated to those who fought – and which is inscribed with over 200,000 names. There is also a museum detailing the history of the struggle here too, where you can learn about what happened.

Alongside the memorials and monuments, you’ll find there is much else to discover in the city. So, during your travels make sure you stop off at other important sights, such as the world famous White House.

Meanwhile, if you enjoy soaking up culture, visit the fabulous Smithsonian, which houses artifacts pertaining to history, art and science – all in one vast building.


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