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Engulf In The Splendour Of Italy


You may have the universe if I may have Italy”-Giuseppe Verdi

Italy is considered to be the country of mesmerizing nature and joyful dreams. It is an ideal destination for the tourists and travelers who want to explore the ancient Roman Empire, sculptures of Florence and the beautiful Amalfi coast. You can indulge in the mouthwatering feasts of Tuscany. Explore the historical Greek structures at Sicily and Pompeii. And, do not forget Milan, the city of fashion and style. 

Forum Romanum at night

The places in Italy never cease to amaze us, every time we explore. Have a look at these fascinating places, which would be a must-see in your list.

  • Colosseum Of Rome

  • Roman Forum

  • Michaelangelo’s David( Florence)

  • Travel In Gondolas At Venice

  • Leaning Tower Of Pisa

  • Holy Stairs In Rome

If you visit Italy and ask a native about the places to visit, he will reply, “whole of the country”! Indeed, this shows the richness and beauty of Italy, where at every step you will be admiring the scenic landscapes, art galleries, sculptures, cathedrals and modern touch of fashion which completes the city. 

EnchantingRome: You have heard of the saying, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. The city offers you so much to see that even if wander aimlessly at every step you will find an enchanting sculptures of campo di fiori, a baroque fountain, or a historical statue.

The Italy tours would give you an unforgettable experience by taking you to Rome, Florence, Sicily and Milan. You can grab hold of the attractive tourist packages offered by the tours which can take to the selected places at an affordable price. Explore the Sistine chapel, the grand colloseum, holy stairs and many such exotic places.


Artistic Florence: The epitome of art and beauty is known as Florence. Millions of tourists are attracted to visit this city every year. If you are visiting Florence in Italy toursmake sure you visit the Mercato Nuovo, the new market in the centre of the city.

At the southern side of river Arno is the grand Palazzo Pitti the 15th century palace now turned into a museum. And of course, the memorable statue of David by Michelangelo, the sculpture who is the absolute favorite of art lovers is placed at Galleria dell’Accademia. 


MesmerizingMilan: Milan has two sides, historical richness and the fervent of fashion. You can visit the Piazza del duomo also known as the heart of Milan designed by mengoni situated on the north and south sides of the palatial building.

Also awaiting for your presence is the largest cathedral in the world, Santa Maria Nascante, which has the capacity of bearing forty thousand people at a time. And, how can you forget the La scala opera? The opera lovers can visit this historical opera house, and can explore the musical instruments, artifacts and sculptures along with the auditorium box and backstage.

Pisa-Home Of The Leaning Tower: The city of Pisa mainly refers to the leaning tower, the most eminent attraction in whole of Italy. It is a freestanding bell shaped tower also known as the Campanile. Pisa is full of tourist attractions, like the baptistery, campo dei miracoli and the Santa Maria Della Spina church. There are ringing bells on top of the leaning tower which can grab your attention. Art museums like Palazzo blue, with beautiful furnishings and exquisite coin collection will surely grab your attention. 

Venice-The City Of Gondolas: Exploring the city of Venice is an alluring experience by itself. The famous gondolas would take you to the Grand Canal, which is the major traffic passage. Visit the St Mark’s square apparently the most famous square in the world, along with the bridges of sighs, covering the cells of prison in Rio de Pallazo.

Several other attractions are waiting for your presence. Apparently, you just have to book the tickets and fly over to this city of artistic wonders.

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