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France is situated in Europe directly below the United Kingdom and is well known for its extravagant dishes and ingredients. It is also famous for its wide selection of wines, which are often served with the food. Those who are traveling with an ESTA often choose France and its capital city Paris as a destination to visit, thanks to its elegant culture and unique sense of style and character. France picked up much of its culinary inspiration and techniques from Italian cuisine. However in the late 17th Century it began to develop a unique style. In this article we will have a look at some of the dishes that are popular in French cuisine.

Starter Courses

Foie Gras is a duck or goose liver pate and is one of the most popular starters in French cuisine. The technique of gavage is used to produce the dish. This is the technique of force feeding corn to the animal, so as to create a larger bird and a larger volume of meat. The technique of force feeding has been in existence since 2500BC. The dish is popular due to its rich and creamy taste and is usually served with another item of food, such as toast or steak. Foie Gras is a delicate dish and can be ruined easily from overcooking.

Main Courses

One of the most well-known main dishes in French cuisine is the Canard orange. This consists of duck and a rich orange flavored sauce that is usually made from orange juice. The dish was reinterpreted as duck orange when it became popular in the Uk in the mid 1960’s. This is a simple dish that is easy to prepare. France is also known for its seafood. Mussels are one of the most popular dishes and are often served with garlic butter and chips, or ‘frites’ as they are called in French.


Vanilla Creme Brulee is an extremely popular French dessert and involves the use of a blow torch to create the instantly recognizable look. The dish consists of a rich custard base and a crunchy layer of hard caramel on the top. This is is a tricky dish to perfect but is extremely popular in French cuisine. The originality of the dish can be traced back to a cook book in 1691. The dessert was first introduced to the UK at Cambridge Trinity College in 1879 and was given the name ‘Cambridge Burnt Cream’. It is also known in some areas as ‘Trinity Cream’.

French cuisine is a complex and well respected style of cooking. It is popular throughout the western world, thanks to its unique and simple design. French cuisine developed dramatically in the 1960’s and a number of new techniques were introduced. These included the use of shorter cooking times for foods such as fish, birds and vegetables, in order to preserve flavor. Menus were also radically changed, with a focus on being simpler and shorter. Those who have an ESTA and are interested in the food culture of Europe, should certainly count France as an important place to visit.

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