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Exploring the hidden charm of Turkey


Those who come to Turkey probably experience a holiday that is not unlike any other seaside holiday. Most Europeans and Americans are attracted to Turkey’s coastlines for the blazing sunshine and the great holiday deals that are offered by many luxurious resorts here. Turkey is an exotic destination that most people see little of. The native countryside is left unexplored as most visitors remain confined to their hotel premises or see little apart from the guided tours that they undertake.


Try the Aegean coast: A country is best explored and known when you visit the native countryside and the towns where the local life can be experienced. The Aegean cast has many towns by the Turkish coastline that can help one to get insight into Turkey’s native delights. If you are looking at Turkish visas, you will want to have a holiday itinerary in advance. If you want to plan out your Turkish holiday in advance, here are some tips to keep in mind.

You could explore the towns along the Aegean coast. This place has the following attractions:

  • This coastline is located in the eastern part of the country.

  • There are virgin beaches to explore.

  • Historic ruins lie in this region for those who wish to understand the historic part of the country.

  • Offers a feel of the local culture.

Izmir is one such city that you could plan to visit that does not see much commercial tourism but has enough of facilities to allow one to have a unique holiday experience.


Explore the local life: When you are out to explore the hidden charm of Turkey, keep your eye out for the interesting details of Turkey life such as the following:

  • You will find the local men using mopeds to travel.

  • The streets within the small towns such as Izmir are rustic and they have distinct local scenery.

  • The small, local shops are great places to explore for local items and to get to know local places to see.

There are wealthy sections in such towns as well which have impressive restaurants as well as wealthy Turks who have residence in such parts of the town.


Try the local food: Cuisine is something that you need to try locally. Apart from the standard continental cuisines, there are many local dishes that will provide you flavour of the local ingredients of Turkey.

  • There are meze dishes made of olives that you must try.

  • There are different varieties of Turkish bread such as soda bread with a crispy crust.

  • Try the local catches such as sea bass in grilled form with local spices.

Walk down the beaches: When you visit the coastal towns you can try the sea fishes fresh from the day’s catch as well as the local beers which are available in the quaint cafes by the roadside. There are several beach clubs that help you to try the beachside where there are different local festivals where you can participate. Secluded Mediterranean beaches with pebbled shores are wonderful to experience and form part of the hidden charm of Turkey that you should explore to get a full flavour of this country. 

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