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Finding Cheap NBA Tickets While On Vacation

Michael Jordan at Boston Garden

Looking for an activity to add to your vacation itinerary without spending a fortune – why not see a sporting event and save money with cheap NBA tickets in a new town. After you finish reading this, you’ll see how easy it is to attend sporting events without having to break your bank account. Ticket prices have increased over 100% since 1999 leaving families with a big financial burden when they want to see a game. Can families still afford the ticket prices that we’re seeing? How can you affordably take your wife and two kids to a game when the tickets start at $90 each? It’s just not possible – until now!

Cheap Basketball Tickets on Vacation
Sports fans love the internet and for good reason. You can build your own team via fantasy sports, congregate with fans on message boards, and now, you can buy half priced tickets to your favorite team! The site is called Crowd Seats and it’s the first and only daily deals site for sports tickets. Unlike the other deal sites, Crowd Seats is unique in that it only offers sports tickets – at HUGE discounts. We’re talking 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, or more off sports tickets. Each week, Crowd Seats offers over 50+ ticket deals featuring the best teams, biggest superstars, and largest discounts. It’s perfect for vacationing families because you can choose your location and then the site will show you personalized deals close to you.

Avoid Ticket Fees at All Costss
Did you know those ticket “convenience” fees can add upwards of 30% to the ticket price? Not so convenience after all! Ticket fees have become a part of the process of buying sports tickets. There’s the print at home fee, the convenience fee, the venue surcharge, the entertainment tax, the processing fee, etc. It seems like the list just goes on and on. There are ways to avoid paying those ticket fees. One such way is to buy through Crowd Seats. Along with their huge discounts, they never charge a single ticket fee. You only pay their one ridiculously low price – PERIOD! No fees, no surcharges, no unfairness – just great deals with no fees!

Save the Most on Monday
It’s always best to buy tickets as soon as they become available. This is pretty impossible to know when you’re dealing with box offices who have multiple presales, each with their own secret password to get access. You can avoid this completely by subscribing to the Crowd Seats Weekly Deal Email. Each Monday morning, Crowd Seats will email you the deals that have just become available in your city. It’s as easy as checking your inbox! On your vacation, you can simply look up deals that are good for that week and buy them right from your phone!

Biggest Names in Sports — for Half Price

• 78% off Washington Wizards Tickets
• 64% off Clippers Tickets
• 60% off Nets NBA Tickets
• 61% off Chicago Bulls Tickets
• …and many more more

Stop paying too much for sports tickets! Enjoy your favorite team for a fraction of the full box office price! Keep money in your wallet and save big with cheap NBA tickets on your next vacation!

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