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Forget a place in the sun, Britons would prefer a pad in Paris as their second home

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City of love: Holidaymakers would prefer to own a second property in Paris

We’ve all dreamed of buying a property in our favourite holiday destination, whether it be a rundown French château or a Spanish villa.

But according to new research, it is not countryside boltholes that tempt us to buy a second home, but city destinations.

A new study reveals that 56 per cent of Britons would prefer to own a holiday home in a city, while just 37 per cent said they would like to buy a countryside property. 

Just under half (41 per cent) of those who opted for a city pad, said they liked the idea of a metropolis as they would have ‘plenty to do’ while visiting, according to Schofields Holiday Home Insurance.

A further 35 per cent said they would like to use the property as a base for business and leisure travel, while 30 per cent were simply thinking of the possible profits they could yield on a city centre home.


While Paris topped the poll of cities where people would like a second property, with 31 per cent of the vote, London followed a close second with 29 per cent.

Respondents picked Italy’s romantic city of Venice as their third favourite option for a holiday home, with New York City in fourth place and Rome in fifth – securing Italy’s popularity as a bolthole hotspot.

Other cities to make it into the top 10 include Vienna, San Diego, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Dubai.

But it wasn’t all about the cities. When Schofields asked holidaymakers to choose the countryside spots where they would most like to own a property, Provence, in France, came out on top. Famed for its lavender fields, vineyards and temperate climate, the south of France has long been a favourite among British travellers.

The Alps, in France, took second place, hinting that skiers could well be tempted to invest in a chalet, ensuring they could escape to the mountains every year.

The results show that whether it is a city pad, countryside escape or mountain retreat, France is the number one destination for Britons buying abroad.

The Italian favourite Tuscany, took the third spot, followed by the Cotswolds, in England, and the Algarve, in Portugal.

The Scottish Highlands also made it into the top 10, beating both the Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol, in Spain, which took seventh and eighth place.


Respondents also said they would like to own a property in Cornwall and even the Rocky Mountains, in the USA.

Phil Schofield, of Schofields Holiday Home Insurance, said: ‘We have certainly seen a surge in popularity amongst Britons purchasing holiday homes in cities over the past 12 months, and it seems that the reasons have been reflected in this new study.

‘No longer does the countryside reign as king of the holiday homes – Britons want a fast paced getaway, with a home to keep up with them. You can certainly get some great deals on city holiday homes, particularly in cities with an up and coming property market – or areas set to boom in popularity over the next few years.’



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