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Getting The Best From A Foreign Holiday


If you want to really enjoy a holiday, it is worth noting that preparation is the key. Particularly if you are going abroad, it is essential to be ready for the different way of doing things that exists there. Although there are many holiday resorts in countries far and wide which cater directly to tourists and require little acclimatization, the fact remains that there are still local residents whose views you must respect.

To really get the best of an overseas holiday, it is vitally important to know how things are done in that country. For example, a visitor to France may wish to partake of some shopping before having lunch. However, in many towns the majority of shops close for lunch around midday – seen as being as important a meal as dinner – and so you need to go before or after that time.

Other places may have a different approach to how people should dress. While it may be quite hot in your destination, just walking around in t-shirt, shorts and sandals may not be accepted, particularly if you expect to be served in a restaurant while dressed that way. Understand that different places have different customs, or you risk looking like an ignorant foreigner.

Being open to a different way of life, different customs, cuisine and pastimes will make any foreign holiday much more enjoyable. After all if you want to behave and live as you do at home, you can save money and do that at home. When you have traveled to another part of the world, accept that it is different and see how they live – you might find that you enjoy their ways.

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