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Going to Australia for a Gap Year? 7 Essential Tips


Australia is a great destination for your gap year – particularly if you’ve never been to Australia before. Australia is its own separate world. It’s huge, and there are plenty of places you can call home base while you’re spending some time exploring. A gap year is long and expensive, so you’ll want to go in with a plan.

  1. Find a Place to Stay Before you Get There

If you don’t know where you’re going to go when you get to Australia, you’re going to rack up a pretty big hotel room. You haven’t established yourself in the country yet. What happens if you run out of money before you find a reliable source of income? The first thing you should look for is some long term accommodations. Rent a room from a local if need be.

  1. Think About What You Can Take With You

Australia is really strict about what they’ll allow into the country. If you have prescription meds, you’re going to need to get special clearance to bring them in. They also won’t let travelers come with anything that could be considered plant material, or anything made of animal hide. Always make sure customs won’t take your things. You might need to make special arrangements.

  1. Find Employment That Works With Your Plans

If you’re going to set up in a specific area, such as Sydney or Melbourne, you can find employment the traditional way through sites like Gumtree. If you want to travel the whole country, employment can be tricky. If you have a special skill, you can always freelance. If you have a job back home that will allow you to work as a remote team member, you can take that job with you on every step of your adventure.

  1. See If Your College Can Help You

Since gap years have become so popular, educational institutions are starting to see the merits of taking some transition time. If you’ve already been accepted into a college, that college might actually help you take a gap year. Many colleges have programs that help subsidize gap years. You may need to do a few things on behalf of the university when you’re in Australia, but nothing beats having that safety net.

  1. Use Your Experiences to Help You Think

Most people take a gap year to help them decide on a major. Taking a gap year in Australia will expose you to a bunch of new things, which might ultimately open up your options a little bit further. Are you interested in art history? Visit some museums. Potential biologists of all kinds can enjoy the land and sea animals of the continent. Experience your interests as a spectator and decide what’s fulfilling.

  1. Look for Programs for Students

There are tons of volunteer programs in Australia that cater to students. Many of them are taking a gap year, just like you are. While most of these programs involve some kind of hard work, they’ll also look great on your resume or college application. You’re also getting an authentic, hands on experience with the things that make Australia so unique.

  1. Make the Most of Your Spare Time

You’re going to be there for a year, and you’re going to have to slow down eventually. Don’t forget to do those things you’ve been meaning to do. If you’ve had a long day adventuring in the outback, go back to your place and read one of those philosophy books you’ve been putting off. You can even take some online courses to help you explore the educational nature of your potential majors.
Australia is a wide and diverse place, which is what makes it so perfect for taking a gap year. Fully immerse yourself in the culture, make friends with the locals, and allow yourself to grow as a person while you’re enjoying your independence to the fullest extent.

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