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Have Fun and Be Healthy – Choose France for Your Next Ski Holiday


When planning a ski break, France is often one of the top destinations to choose. Not only is it close, but also it boasts plenty of excellent resorts, like Morzine, which have a wide range of amenities and some excellent skiing to enjoy. If you’ve been skiing before, you already know how fun it can be. However, do you really know the hidden benefits a French Alps destination can offer?

A Feeling of Freedom

When planning a ski break, France can offer a huge freedom on the pistes – with so many options it’s not too hard to escape the crowds. But of course, no matter where you go, you will always be able to enjoy that unique feeling of freedom when you hit the slopes. There is nothing quite strapping on a pair of skis and hitting the slopes. The feeling of open air and the wind rushing through your hair, as the stunning scenery of the French Alps slips by, allows you to really be inspired by your surroundings and appreciate life.

Get Fit

This invigorating sport involves a lot more than just sitting tight and sliding down a slope – it is actually hard physical work. Many people don’t get enough activity these days, but skiing is the ideal way to burn calories and exercise your body while having a great deal of fun – not only will you get fit, you will also build muscle as you go. Skiing is also a great way to strengthen your knees, so if you go regularly you could help to prevent knee problems in later life. When you ski in a resort like Morzine, the options for off-piste skiing will also abound – and anyone who has done this knows the wonderful physical challenge this presents!

Choose the Best Resort

There are plenty of excellent resorts to choose from when you plan a ski break in France, and it has some of the best in Europe. Resorts like Morzine also offer plenty of other activities aside from skiing. Snowshoeing and snowboarding are popular, and if you go in the summer, you can enjoy fantastic mountain biking – which is also great for the mind and body. There are many benefits to getting involved in winter sports and you can enjoy all the season has to offer your mind and body on your next ski break. France, of course, also offers so many other cultural and historical attractions and it’s not hard to combine a fun holiday with a few more highbrow pursuits.


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