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Holiday Destinations #6: Dubai


While the core strength of many of the world’s holiday destinations might be considered to be in their history, this is not true of every popular destination in the world, and there is no better example of this than the emirate and city of Dubai, the most well-known of the United Arab Emirates. Before the second half of the last century there really wasn’t much there – now there is more than you could really get through in a week.

Traditionalists will not particularly enjoy Dubai. There is perhaps just enough Arabic influence to make it identifiable as a city in the Arab world, but in order to make it the tourist destination that it is, the architects of Dubai have set out to make it all things to all people – something which turns off those who go on holiday to soak up culture.

What does set Dubai apart from other places is the work that has gone into making it one of the world’s most opulent cities. Home to the world’s first “seven star” hotel – the Burj al-Arab – Dubai has focused on providing an experience which can blind the visitor with its almost decadent style. The landscape of Dubai city looks as modern as any in the world, and its hotels are known for their luxury.

If you are a keen shopper, then Dubai will have enough to keep you interested for days on end, with malls that keep on going forever. One such mall, the Mall of the Emirates, is home to the Middle East’s first ski resort. Ski Dubai, an indoor skiing resort with everything the winter sports buff could ask for, is an example of how Dubai decides to do something, and then goes about making it happen.

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