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How to Get an ADS Visitor Visa to UK


“ADS” stands for Approved Destination Status. This is an agreement entered into by and between UK and China allowing nationals of People’s Republic of China to come to and stay in UK for not more than 30 days.

Under the agreement, any tourist group of five (5) or more people can apply for a visitor visa and enter, travel within the territory of UK and leave as a member of the tour group.


Applying for a visitor visa under the UK/China Approved Destination Status agreement, the applicant must show the following:

1. Stay in UK is only for a short duration (not more than 30 days)

2. He intends to enter, leave and travel within UK as a member of a tourist group of five (5) people or more under the ADS Memorandum of Understanding.

3. He intends to leave UK after the end of the visit

4. He has sufficient financial support and accommodation without help from public funds or he has financial support and accommodation from relatives and friends from UK.

5. He can meet the cost of his return to his country or onward journey.

Basic Documents

Applicants must be able to produce the following basic documents in applying for ADS Visitor Visa:

1. Evidence that the applicant is a National of the People’s Republic of China

2. Evidence of the purpose in travelling to UK (travel itinerary/plans, hotel bookings, ticket bookings, etc.)

3. Evidence of strong ties to China

4. Evidence of Financial capacity

The applicant may tender as many relevant documents as possible to qualify for a visa and eventually enter and stay in UK.


The applicant must complete the essential documents for the visa and submit them, together with the visa application form duly filled out, to the UK Embassy. Incomplete documents may be a reason for visa processing delay or denial.

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