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How to Travel to Kenya on a Limited Budget

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There are numerous ways in which you can save on your trip to Kenya.


To get cheap flights to Kenya, you need to travel in the low season. You could save over $200 as compared to traveling in the high season. Kenya’s high tourist season is between January and February and June to September.

Additionally, taking direct flights could also save you on airfare. For instance, if you are traveling from Britain, you can travel with Qatar, Ethiopian or Emirates Airlines. They take much longer as you have at least one stop over, but they are usually cheaper. British Airways and Kenya Airways fly direct to Kenya from London Heathrow or Gatwick. Most of the times they are more expensive but you could still get a good deal if you book early.


It’s quite easy to save on accommodations in Kenya. Rather than book your stay in a hotel, you could stay in a hostel or choose a home stay. Hostels like YMCA, YWCA and the Nairobi Youth Hostel offer reasonable rates -up to $10 per night.

Home stays have come to be the best option in Kenya budget travel. Here, you get to stay with real Kenyan families and you will experience Kenya from a Kenyan’s perspective. Home Stays usually cost about $14 per night inclusive of all meals and usually laundry.

For the adventurous ones, camping is a good option too. If you have your camping equipment, it will only cost you $5 a night. Some campsites will rent a mattress and beddings at about $3 per night.

Kenya Food:

Food in Kenya is generally cheap! You can choose to eat at local fast foods or restaurants. These will be much cheaper than eating out at exotic restaurants or hotels. When going out on a safari, it may be well worth it to visit the supermarket at the start of your journey and buy some things. This may include fresh fruits, juice, bottled water, sandwich items, crisps and the like.



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