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Immigration Lawyers and the Types of Visas Available

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With so many visas available, immigration lawyers are often needed to help people choose the right option. Applying for the incorrect visa can delay a visit and in some cases, jeopardize a person’s ability to reapply in a timely fashion. Visas fall into four categories including individuals that want to visit, study, work or immigrate into the United States. Regardless of the application, individuals can benefit from information and assistance with the process.

Visiting the United States

There are two main types of visitors to the United States. If a person is coming over temporarily for business, he or she will need the B-1 option. If a person is coming over for tourist purposes or to receive medical treatment, he or she will need the B-2 option. In some instances, there is a visa waver program that people can choose to participate in provided that they are coming from certain eligible countries. While these situations seem like they should be simple, immigration lawyers can still be helpful in arranging the paperwork and helping someone provide the appropriate documentation.

Studying in the United States

Students looking to apply to schools within the United States often want to arrange for their student visas well in advance, often with the help of immigration lawyers. Some students are part of an exchange program while others are just looking to come over individually. Either way, students looking to participate in higher education, including vocational opportunities, require the F or M visa. Students that want to attend high school must use the F-1 option.

Working in the United States

Workers coming to the US temporarily must decide which of the many visas they need in order to be admitted into the country. Because of the variety and the specifications of each one, immigration lawyers often work with individuals to make sure that he or she has chosen the right option. In some cases, employers will help with this process to ensure that someone makes it over for a specific assignment.

Immigrating to the United States

Individuals or families looking to come over to the United States permanently will need to go through a special process. This tends to be more complicated and often requires immigration attorneys to ensure that things go smoothly. In some cases an individual may already be living in the country and want to transition from temporary resident to permanent resident. In these situations, it is increasingly important that potential applicants take advantage of legal counsel and advice. For most people making this transition, this is one of the most important decisions they will ever make in their lives.


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