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Incorporating the Best Practices in a Visa Application


It is extremely important to be very thorough while applying for a fiancée visa for UK. Applying for a visa is a long and complicated process and mistakes however small they may be, can delay the problem so it is wise to be completely prepared. There are certain rules and regulation one need to follow while applying for fiancée visa for UK. First of all the couple needs to be above 18 and they must have met before applying for the visa. The couple must have a genuine intention to marry within six months and the visa officer will want proof of arrangements made.

Also, it is important to provide documents which proves both the partner were single during the time of application of the visa, any previous marriage or civil partnership must have ended through the divorce, annulment or death. According to UK law the sponsor must earn more than £18,600 and prove himself to be financially independent and capable of taking care of his fiancée. He must also provide accommodation for his fiancée. If the sponsor is living outside the country, he must demonstrate to the authorities that he wants to come to back to the UK and settle down there with his fiancée. Also, it is necessary for the fiancée to know English.

Apart from following these rules and regulations, there are certain documents one must submit. The fiancée must submit the passport and photos, also there should be a letter of intent which should contain a brief introduction, how the couple met, wedding preparation, future plans, etc. A decree absolute must also be submitted in case of past marriage to show that the marriage has been properly terminated. The sponsor must provide a copy of his passport and birth certificate both signed by someone with authority, he must also provide a letter of support and a decree absolute in the case of past marriage.

A letter of support from the fiancé’s parent adds more credibility to the application though not mandatory. The sponsor must also provide 6 months wage slip and 6 months bank statements to prove his economic condition, a letter of employment and contract work is also needed. The couple must also provide evidence of wanting to get married and provide proof of their lasting relationship. The whole process is a very long and complicated process and involves a lot of paperwork and documentation. It is extremely important to be clear with all the rules, regulation and documentation as mistakes can cause unnecessary delay or even cancellation of the application.

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