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India is one travel destination that you can spend memorable holidays with friends and family as there are numerous exciting places that you can visit and have fun. India boasts of being a home of top tourist’s attractions sites such as mountains, monuments, jungles, tropical islands, hill stations, beaches and temples. Some of these attractions have featured in the UNESCO world heritage sites and also constitutes the Seven Wonders of the World. Here are some of the top destinations that you can visit in India and have memorable moments with your spouse on a romantic honey or with friends and family during a vacation.



TajMahal in Agra

TajMahal is the most stunning travel destination that you can visit and have memorable moments. TajMahal is one exciting place that draws millions of tourists from different parts of the world. TajMahal is an iconic monument in India that was constructed by king Shah Jah as a dedication to his late dear wife who had passed symbolizes the love that was between the two of amazing thing about this monument is that the architectural design that was used to build it is quite magnificent and also the material used to construct it is worth noticing. The Mughal architecture is the master piece that was behind the building design. Also worth noting is the white marble construction material that was used making the building quite outstanding. The pure white colour of TajMahal makes the building quite visible from a distance. You can take memorable photos while on a visit to this amazing site.

· Golden Temple

The golden temple is the other most memorable site in India. I have never seen a temple so spectacular as the Golden temple. The temple is a spiritual center of the Sikhs and thousands of pilgrims visit this place annually to worship. The golden temple is one place that you can visit and take memorable photos especially during the night when it is lit up.

· Kerala Backwaters

Why not take a boat ride along the backwaters of Kerala? Kerala Backwaters is the other most amazing site that will give you lots of memorable moments during your hold. A boat ride here is quite enjoyable and relaxing. While on a cruise along the backwaters you will get to see diverse wildlife, a beautiful scenery green landscape, houses and villages that surround Kerala. You can also have some Indian food and some chilled beer while on the boat a wonderful memorable experience especially for couples.

· Goa

Goa India is another top memorable destination that you should pay a visit to. This is India’s top beach that attracts many because of its exotic exciting activities. For party lovers this is the ideal place for you as there are lots of parties and lazy days that take place at the beach. The beautiful scene of the beach is another thing worth mentioning plus the culture of the people who live around here. Visit Goa and enjoy memorable fun filled moments swimming and sunbathing. Make an application of India visa and get to visit these and other amazing sites for a most memorable holiday.

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