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Learn 3 Reasons Why Travel Agents Save You Money


How often do you hear, “I found a ticket cheaper on the internet.” It’s all to common among travelers today. But how can they be sure they truly found the lowest fare, one that suits their travel needs. Unfortunately they don’t. One would have to search 14-15 sites to find the lowest fare, something a travel agent does regularly. Here are three ways your travel agent can save you time AND money.

Did you know that there there are certain days of the week that you can purchase airfare and cruises that are cheaper than others? A travel agent knows these tips and tricks and will evaluate this and other needs of the client when helping them plan their vacation.

Another unknown fact that travelers don’t always take into consideration is time. Depending on the time of day you wish to depart on your trip cost varies. Early morning might be less costly than the later afternoon flight or vice versa. A travel agent knows the rules of published and unpublished fares and can try different itinerary combinations to find the best rate.

Last but not least, location. In determining where I will stay while on vacation I always take into account the distance from the airport, local attractions, and the quality of the hotel. I hate being stuck in a scary neighborhood all because I wasn’t willing to spend ten more dollars on my room. A good travel agent will ask these questions and should be familiar, or at least willing to dig up the information on your destination, and help you find a location that will be perfect for you and your budget. Travel agents can take the stress and hassle out of vacation planning and will ensure that you get the most for your money.


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