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Mozambique Travel: Explore Scuba Diving, Serene Beaches and More

Mozambique Travel

For travelers looking for wonderful spots to enjoy water sports and scuba diving, Mozambique is an upcoming tourist hotspot in Africa tours. It offers serene beaches and world-class diving which attracts visitors from around the world. To experience water sports or just lie on the beach and gaze at the sun, embark on a Mozambique travel to explore the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean.

Mozambique is still developing but the reason for its popularity is the spectacular Mozambican coastline. It offers unspoiled beauty and beaches, which are filled with warm waters. You can indulge in sailing, sport fishing, canoeing, water skiing, and plenty of other activities. There is no limit to water sports, and when you get tired, relax at your own private spot. It offers many islands and here are some places which you can explore while on your Mozambique travel:

Maputo elephant reserve:

This park occupies 200,000 hectares and is rapidly developing and improving. It comprises of hillsides, seashore vistas, and a chance for tourists to explore African wildlife at its best. You can watch over 200 elephants or dozens of crocodiles, antelopes, and hippos to keep yourself busy.

Inchaca Island:

Inchaca islands offer a museum to explore the history of the area. Tourists can find a historic lighthouse and avail accommodation at local hotels.

Bazaruto archipelago

An excellent spot for all kinds of water sports, Zazaruto is a group of four islands in the middle of a national park. You can grab a reel and go fly-fishing in the surf or explore its rich marine wildlife, there is a lot you can do if you have the heart for it.


To collect souvenirs, Pemba is the perfect place. You can visit its traditional marketplace and find all sorts of items on sale, including traditional art of the Makonde people. It also offers a resort for coral reef diving and other beach activities as well as incredible white sand beaches.


Established by Portuguese traders in 1534, Inhambane offers crystal clear waters. Known as a mecca for drivers and fishermen, it is an important port destination for sea travelers. A yearly dhow race held in November is quite popular and attracts many visitors.

While in Mozambique, water sport lovers and scuba divers can expect whale sharks, humpback whales, dolphins, and manta rays as their companions. To capture the beauty of the beaches one should not forget to keep their camera. The place is also popular for bird watching. When your heart gets filled with water sports, which are the essence of the place, you can explore the colorful market place or choose a dhow cruise or safari trip. It offers the peace, which one often looks for.

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