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Planning your trip to Dubai


Dubai is a truly unique holiday destination and a jewel in the United Arab Emirates. A visit to the emirate of Dubai will be a trip that you will never forget.

Recently we shared an article on the blog about why Dubai is so popular with shoppers and we thought it would be good to follow that article up with some tips for planning your trip to Dubai.

Understand and respect Dubai

When travelling to Dubai it is important to understand and respect local laws. For many who are travelling on holiday and looking to unwind an appreciation and understanding of the laws regarding alcohol are important.

You can find more information here regarding purchasing and drinking alcohol but some of the key laws to respect are: drinking in public places is illegal and alcohol is available only at licensed venues. If you have had a drink remember to watch your behaviour as misbehaviour while drunk is treated seriously and could really cause an abrupt end to our holiday.

The above link also includes some very sage advice with regards to respecting the local Islamic law and how to approach topics such as religion and politics � make yourself familiar with this information before travelling.

Staying in touch

If you are travelling to Dubai for a period longer than 5/6 days you may want to investigate alternatives to taking and using your home mobile phone. Calls and data usage when in Dubai, for example you just had to share that photo of the Gold Souk, will be much more expensive than at home and you could end up with a substantial phone bill on your return.

One alternative for the holidaymaker to Dubai (or even more appropriately those who regularly travel to Dubai for business) is to purchase a local Dubai SIM for your phone. This will provide you with a local phone number (again great for business travellers) as well as local call and data rates� this means you can enjoy your holiday and share your great experiences with those back home without worrying about an exorbitant bill!

Check the travel advice

Currently (as on 20/02/2013) the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK offers no restrictions in travel to the United Arab Emirates. When planning a trip it can often be worth a check of this site to check for up-to-date travel advice.

An excellent point highlighted on the FCO site is that hobbies involving cameras and binoculars may be misunderstood, especially if near military sites, airports and government buildings , so if you are a fan of photography, bird watching and plane spotting do exercise caution.

Dress code

It is stated that women visiting Dubai should dress modestly in public areas so ensure that the tops of your arms are covered and that legs and underwear are not visible. If you are in a swimming costume ensure that this is only on the beach or at the swimming pool,  avoid being tempted to quickly visit a shop or retail area.

A trip to Dubai will be a brilliant experience and with a little planning, research and preparation you will have a fantastic time.

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