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Reasons Why You Need to Try Scuba Diving in Malta


When you plan a holiday trip to Europe, scuba diving in Malta and Gozo is a brilliant idea.  These islands in the Mediterranean are famed for their world-class dive sites hence you are assured of an amazing underwater experience.

Malta and Gozo’s beauty and charm are simply irresistible.  Beyond the incredible rock formations, tunnels and boulders that you can explore, there are plenty of reasons that Malta and Gozo make a favorite destination for scuba diving.





Historical Shipwrecks

On a historical note, Malta became a focal point during the First and Second World War.  Wrecks, submarines, and big cargos are few of the many pieces of evidence left by the historic events that took place.  That said, your scuba diving journey in Malta will give you a lot of thrills and will take you back to history.


Stunning Waters

The islands of Malta and Gozo are popular for being clear, warm and calm.  These water properties are relevant for a smooth and visible diving experience.  The relaxing environment of the clear waters makes a safe and secure diving.  Divers from different parts of the world enjoy the absence of dangerous fishes underwater.  With calm waters, you won’t be afraid to navigate the underwater landscape.


Amazing Marine Life

The abundance of marine life in Malta and Gozo is one of the major reasons why scuba diving in these islands is a must.  If you want the best deals of nature, Malta and Gozo will never fail your expectations.  Get closer with barracudas, damsel fish, stingrays and red mullets to name a few.

Interestingly, when you choose to dive during the summer, be challenged with seahorses in Malta.  This season boasts their presence.  Note that these lovely creatures are experts of camouflage.


Great People

The people in Malta will make your stay a memorable one.  Expect them to be very friendly and accommodating.  They are more than eager to assist you with directions should you need to explore the surrounding cities and dive sites.  While you are in Gozo, you can do a 2-day PADI scuba diving course as suggested by many Maltese people.

You won’t have a hard time communicating with them as almost everyone can speak and understand English. Although Italian is very common, expect the natives to be proficient with the Spanish language, too.


Professional Diving Centers

Scuba diving is a popular industry in Malta that contributes a lot of revenue to the island.  You won’t have a hard time with professional diving centers in the area as well as with Gozo.  Atlantis Gozo Malta is a famous diving center for its excellent customer service.  They offer basic and intermediate diving courses and pride themselves with expert instructors.


Diving Haven

With nearly 100 dive sites, your options are overwhelming.  For beginners, you can do shallow dives at Ghar Lapsi’s 12-metre underwater.  If you are a pro in diving, your confidence will take you to Lantern Point’s 50-metre deep tunnel.

Don’t miss the Blue Hole in Gozo and take breathtaking photos of the strange rock formations and thrilling caves.  The Cathedral Cave is also one of the popular dive sites for its crystal-clear blue waters and offers a beautiful sight of fishes of different species.


Indeed, Malta and Gozo make a perfect island getaway.  Beyond the wonderful scuba diving experience, their rich culture and heritage will impress you.  Again, Malta and Gozo will give you a heavenly experience that you only used to dream.  Make that dream a reality now and book your ticket and accommodation in the best diving islands in the world.  Chase the wonders of nature and treat yourselves to the natural beauty of the Maltese islands.



Elena is a travel writer and licensed scuba diver. She loves traveling around the world and has tried diving in different locations. She works as a resident writer at AtlantisGozo Malta, which offers diving courses to people who want to get into the sport.

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