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Relocating under the Mexican sun for joys of life


Homeland definitely occupies a special space in the heart of all, but relocation is also the way of life. Some have to do it out of compulsion and others out of choice. However no matter what the reason is, one would always want to settle in for a place which offers comforts of modern day living and bears resemblance of their dream destination. Factors like beautiful natural setting, excellent weather, accessibility, affordability, amenities, security and many more are considered while making a move.

In such a scenario Mexico totally fits the bill and it has been accepted by many publications. Known to the world for its idyllic beaches, resorts and scenery, Mexico has emerged as a top vacation destination. This is changing as the real estate is booming. Visitors fall in love with the destination and express their desire to settle down. The destination with its limitless offerings undoubtedly makes a great place to live it.

Marvels of architecture dating to pre-Columbia times such as pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mayan ruins and other attractions also dot the city. Modern day architecture is also definite to spellbind anyone. Underwater museum, Maya museum etc are just few examples out of many. Mexico is a great place to eat, explore and enjoy life.

One needs to keep in mind few things which will surely ease their transition to Mexico easier. They include the following:

  • Possession of a valid visa.
  • A Real Estate company should be contacted for assistance.
  • Although Mexican law does not permit foreigners to own a property within a 30-mile radius of the coast, yet one can have all property rights including the improvement and selling. The Real Estate Trust technically puts the bank as the owners of the property but in reality they have no actual rights.
  • There has been certain kindof relaxation in the mortgage front and rates have dropped too. This indicates a great time to own property in Mexico.
  • Healthcare in Mexico is one of the best as the country boasts of several first class healthcare establishments. They offer top quality treatment and it is highly affordable.

Mexico has a strong network of expats who have been living in the country for long. These communities extend great help in welcoming new entrants and act as guide to make them feel at home. Playa del Carmen popular as Mexico’s tourist hub with luxurious accommodations, has one of the biggest expat communities. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular destinations for people wishing to relocate not just from Mexico but the entire world.

Cancun is another great location where the waters and the sand are sure to cast magic upon you. The contemporary city with amazing nightlife and breathtaking views has been alluring tourists and expats alike. Cancun offers great living experience with the best possible location. Akumal is another upcoming real estate development which is gaining notice. The quaint fishing town is a major attraction for turtles. It is transforming into a development hub offering tranquility with best possible views.

So do your maths and tick the checklist for Mexico is sure to be your calling if adventure, thrill, calmness, great weather and food are what you seek!

Author Bio:

Ani is an expat in Mexico living the life she always wanted. Sun, Sand and lots of blogging are her passions. She manages blog related to Akumal real estate and lifestyle.

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