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Romantic holiday destination for couples in Europe and beyond



Traveling represents a great opportunity for couples wishing to add warmth to their relationship, by discovering romantic holiday destinations to spend quality time together. Whether a romantic vacation in Scandinavia or the Nordics, or a perfect and peaceful holiday in the Baltic Region, Eastern Europe offers an array of romantic options.

Planning incredible journeys is now possible given the fact that we can book flights, hotel accommodation and traveling tours in advance to ensure perfect conditions during our traveling adventures. Let’s discover together some of the gorgeous destinations across the globe where you and your life partner can travel to reconnect and find the peace of mind you are searching for.


Perfect Poland holidays for families and friends

Poland comes first on our list of peaceful destinations where you can travel in search of perfect accommodation conditions and a wide range of places to visit. You have where from to choose when it comes to great tourist attractions in this country as well as a wide variety of cultural activities to engage in during the trip.

Poland offers amazing traditional dishes and a great display of attractive traditions to those interested in learning more about the local life of people living there. Fresh fish and seafood are always present as an essential ingredient in their menus given the fact that this country includes a coastal region towards the Baltic Sea.

You will be amazed to discover the great architecture that beautifies this region. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to be reacquainted with the colorful Baltic neighborhoods and discover interesting customs that only local people know about and are willing to share with you. In fact, they are more than welcoming and reveal great secretsto tourists interested in their history.

There are numerous places you can visit there like Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk. These are only important starting points during your amazing new traveling experience. The diverse Polish country offers various options for exploration, such as the Tatra Mountains which can be visited both in summer and during the winter season.

You can discover the home of Frederic Chopin, Lech Walesa and John Paul II during this adventure as well. The most valuable cultural lessons are acquired in practice from traveling across the globe with an open mind and the eyes set to discover new local mysteries. Do not forget to visit the Jasna Gora Monastery for a spiritual experience and engage in tailor made itineraries that include the Dluga Streets.

At the end of your trip there, you can relax at Sopot Poland, a lovely seaside resort with spa services that will offer everything you need for your health and peace of mind. The beauty of this destination attracts thousands of couples traveling every year in search of peaceful places where they can renew their vows.



The amazing Cape Town experience: New map of attractions

Second on our list of attractive destinations to visit next year is Cape Town. It attracts thousands of tourists every day due to its rich variety of attractions, things to do and great local accommodation conditions. You can spend a lovely holiday there visiting their museums, admiring their most valuable natural attractions and regaining peace in lovely gardens and parks.

You can take advantage of a Cape Town City Pass that will allow you to turn your vacation into something special. You should add on your list of places to visit the District Six Museum, the South African Jewish Museum as well as the Castle of Good Hope and St. George’s Cathedral. You will discover the amazing local culture there and be surprised to see their unique architectural features that have transformed such places into main points of attraction in the region.

Among the most important natural attractions in this area we will mention the Table Mountain National Park, the Boulders Beach and the Cape of Good Hope Natural Reserve as popular sites to see. Table Mountain is the ancient watcher over Cape Town and has become an ever-present symbol of this gorgeous city. Together with Signal Hill it creates a perfect semicircle around Cape Town which faces Table Bay. The scenery there is breathtaking and the mountain plateau measures up to 3 km in width. The Devil’s Peak as well as the Lion’s Head are located on either side of the imposing mountain.

This city is a great source of day tours and trips as well as amazing sightseeing experiences. When you add up good food and wine featured by amazing nightlife experiences, you get the perfect destination where you should travel with the person you love. You can also engage in cultural and theme tours there and combine the value of the historical and cultural lessons you acquire with the nightlife entertainment ensured in this amazing area.


 cape town

Estonia holidays for tourists interested in charming tours

Estonia is one of the most enchanting holiday destinations in the Baltic region. You can engage in amazing city breaks in the coastal region or choose to spend an island holiday there with your loved one. Fantastic spa holidays are also organized in this region every year and allow tourists the opportunity to explore the countryside and the most charming towns at their leisure.

During the winter season, you can discover a real wonderland in this country in which to embrace the holiday season. Colorful Baltic neighborhoods can be admired in this area as well. Moreover, the wide range of delicious local dishes will make your trip perfect overall. Not to mention the rich culture, architecture and history waiting to be discovered by visiting the local museums and the natural attractions. Valuable sights on the local history can also be discovered by talking to local people who are welcoming and eager to reveal their secrets to those who admire their country.

The first thing you will notice in Estonia is the charming medieval architecture as well as the grand manor houses that give it a stylish look. Most of them have been restored in time and offer a great view of classicism and modernism in terms of architecture at the same time. Discover the Estonian contrasts of the old and the new elements and you will learn to appreciate more than ever a warm atmosphere created by the most welcoming hosts.

For top experiences in this country, we recommend you to visit Tallinn, Lahemaa National Park, Tartu and Saaremaa. Gorgeous sights in Estonia are the Kuressaare Castke, the Tartu University Museum, the Estonian Open-Air Museum, Kumu as well as the Town Hall Square. In Tallinn, you will discover technological wizards who are ready to shape a new future that started with the birth of Skype as well as other digital innovations. Moreover, you can also get a great blast from the past there by discovering the local culture, history and traditions.



A thrilling trip to the amazing archipelago of Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands represent the perfect symbol of a wonderland on a small archipelago located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was voted the most appealing destination back in 2015 by prestigious publications like the National Geographic’s Traveler. Perfect privacy, amazing landscapes and a perfect sight on how nature should be preserved is what you will gain from visiting this amazing peaceful destination.

A visit in the archipelago of Faroe Islands can only be a unique experience given the special natural features there as well as the rich culture and fascinating history of this region. Rain, heat, mist and sunshine can all be experienced there and are the main factors of a breathtaking natural beauty that can be admired there only.

The local people there are hospitable and always eager to greet new tourists. Pristine nature as well as isolated settlements creates a special atmosphere for couples looking to reconnect and celebrate their strong union. These are small size islands that feature the beauty of nature at a large scale. Treading the mountains there as well as their valleys is the best way of experiencing the islands and admiring their jaw-dropping charm.

Even though this region seems to have been untouched by technology given the original beauty it features, you should know that you have easy access to it. Excellent infrastructure of modern roads exists in the area which makes any exploration trip effortless for tourists. Therefore, experiencing the beautiful scenery in the island on four wheels is also possible.

Life in the small archipelago is joyful and filled with positive vibrations. You can have a great time experiencing the buzzing music scene during the most interesting music festivals you have ever been to in your life. The Faroese food is also there to improve your overall traveling experience on the islands. Just imagine yourself tasting delicious dishes made of fermented lamb, fresh fish and sheep.

This is also a bird watching paradise for those who are passionate about these special beings. Contacting Faroe Islanders is recommended because it might end up being one of the best parts of your trip. They have a lot of local history secrets to reveal and you will go back home feeling like a wisertraveler in the world.

 Faroe Island

Follow the path of the Northern Lights far away in Sweden

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to travel far away to Sweden, you should know that perfect entertainment is the key phrase to describe this experience. A rich range of activities in the area is available as well as numerous attractions that wait to be discovered by curious travelers. You can experience the breathtaking natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights there and you can visit interesting sites that will remain in your heart.

Stockholm is a great starting point during your travel to Sweden. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It features 14 gorgeous islands as well as 50 amazing bridges that give it a special look. Natural and architectural beauty makes this place unique for tourists eager to discover as much as possible about it during their trips. It is also the perfect place for modern couples interested in spending a peaceful yet joyful holiday far away from home and their daily concerns.

This city is appropriate to choose for holidays both in summer and during the winter season. Its special vibrant atmosphere as well as the welcoming diverse population transforms it into one of the most popular worldwide tourist destinations. Modern culture as well as a rich history are featured there and visitors go back home with the memory of an amazing Swedish experience. Once you get there, you should visit the Stockholm Archipelago that is made up of up to 30.000 islands. It is a special place that cannot be compared to any other destination in the world. There is something about it that makes tourists want to get back there and discover more every year.


The magic of traveling around the world

Traveling around the world is such a beautiful experience that cannot be replaced by anything else. There is no right or wrong way of traveling and those who engage in such adventures often have discovered their personal way of having fun on the road. Either on deserted islands, on gorgeous beaches under the sun, at the base of imposing mountains or in the wilderness, there is always something special to discover in each and every destination you choose for your trips. The key element is to plan every holiday well so that you might experience as much as possible and take back home valuable symbols from the places you have visited.

Overall, each of these peaceful destinations has something special to offer to visitors looking to go back home with memories that they will treasure for a lifetime. Good services and accommodation conditions can be found in all of them. Either in beautiful Franschhoek villas or during an amazing holiday in Poland, you and your loved one can spend a great time together visiting the tourist attractions and taking in the natural beauty featured by these locations.

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  • Eric

    I am so glad that you mentioned Poland! I feel like it is very underrated city, while in reality it is beautiful and romantic. I went there with my wife, and we both loved it. We had the best time exploring all of its charming little streets and cozy restaurants. The one that we liked the most was called the Akademia Restaurant. It was romantic and elegant, but most importantly the food and wine was just incredible. It was one of the best restaurants I have been to in Poland and I really hope to get to go back one day

    October 4, 2017 at 11:07 am Reply

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