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Save Money on Your Honeymoon by Traveling in the Off Season

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If you want to have a great honeymoon, but still save money, consider traveling to a destination where it is their off season. No matter when you have your wedding, somewhere in the world is in their off season. Resort rates are lower, air fares to those destinations are lower and merchandise is lower. However, you do want to be careful not to travel during terrible weather, such as traveling to an island during hurricane season.

Holidays are always the high season for all locations. The best weather for the destination is also the high season. The best thing to do to capitalize on good weather and low rates is to travel right before or after the peak season.

If you have a specific location in mind for your honeymoon and it is peak season, you may want to wait to go on your honeymoon. Your wedding will be very tiring as you’ll be planning right up to the event and you will be “on” the entire time during your wedding. Often, couples are surprised at how tired they are on their honeymoon from the action of the wedding. So, if you wait, you may enjoy your honeymoon even more.

The following are some great places to go for a honeymoon and when their off seasons and peak seasons are.

Australia is an extraordinary place for a honeymoon. Peak season is during the northern hemisphere’s winter; it is their summer. Springtime is the best off season time since it is their autumn.

The Caribbean islands are a relaxing place to visit with many activities. Peak season is December through March. The best off season months are April through July. August through November should be avoided completely because this is the rain and storm season.

There are a number of romantic destinations in Europe for your honeymoon. The peak season for Europe is June – August, when the beaches and cities are packed. Remember the Europeans get a minimum of six weeks of vacation a year, and they travel in the summer. The best off season months are right before and after, April, May, September, October, and November.

Fiji often has great specials for honeymoons. The peak season is May through September. The best off season months include December through February.

Hawaii is especially busy during holidays and June through August. May through June and September through the beginning of December are good months.

South of the border, yes, Mexico is a great place for honeymoons and is packed full of all-inclusive resorts. Peak seasons are June, July and December through March. Easter is a particularly crowded holiday in Mexico. April is the best month after the peak season and October through November. The other months should be avoided due to the rain.

Thailand is another popular location for honeymoons, and its peak season is October through February. The other months can be very hot and rainy; however, the decent off season months are March through September.

If you don’t mind the heat, and want to stay in the United States, Florida and Las Vegas have great deals during the summer. The reason, it is super hot!

One last thought is to check out North American ski towns during the summer. While these are super expensive in the winter during ski season, there are many deals during the summer. The mountains usually have really great weather during the summer and a lot of activities.


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