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The 5 worst hotels in Europe.

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 I travel a huge amount for work purposes; I have stayed in multiple Hotels and done many cruises. Over my many years of traveling I have stumbled across some terrible hotels (bound to happen) and have decided to jot down my worst 5 so you can avoid them at all costs.



Number 5; Hotel Manofa:  Damrak 46-48, Amsterdam 1012 LL, The Netherlands (Dam Square)

I wasn’t expecting much on this hotel and I wasn’t let down. The walls are paper thin so you hear everything that goes on next door like its right in front of you. The bathroom was tiny and I didn’t even have a shower head, just the hose! The staff where friendly but the hotel in general was dirty, including the bed which what was annoyed me the most. Bad, but by far not the worst on my list.


Number 4; Kings Hotel: 60-62 Queensborough Terrace, London W2 3SH, England (Bayswater / Notting Hill / Lancaster Gate)

This is a very poor, outdated hotel. The staff are incredibly rude and arrogant and it shows shocking levels of low maintenance. It has a great location making it very easy to get the tube but that’s the only positive. The main problem seems to be that their hygiene levels are seriously low, and the rooms give the appearance that they haven’t been cleaned in years.


Number 3; Amaryllis Inn: 25 Menandrou & Pireos Streets, Athens 10553, Greece

. The street is in the red light district and full of drug takers/dealers/ people selling stuff very aggressively, so definitely no place for children. However the central location of the hotel (near Omonia Square), and the relatively lower prices make it a convenient short stop hotel but nothing more. It is dirty, the breakfast is poor (cheap cornflakes, bread and orange cordial seemed to be the only things on offer) and you will feel uncomfortably unsafe here, there are better options in the area.


Number 2; Club Aqua Gumbet: Asarlik Menkii Adnan Menderes | Cad No 85, Gumbet 48400, Turkey

This hotel has been closed for the year and with good reason! This place is horrible. Broken windows, dirt everywhere and a large proportion of the staff where drunk. Most rooms contain ants   nests which are not handled correctly, and there were no cleaners working at the hotel as they had walked out after not being paid for several weeks. The hall ways where filled with rubbish and they ran out of drinks a few days in (I was all inclusive.) the food is terrible (small uncooked portions) and the stench of the place was unbearable.




Number 1; Altin Orfe Hotel: Sahil sok 6, Icmeler, Turkey

Before I tell you about this hotel I would just like it to be known that I’d rather pay to stay in a prison cell then that spend my money here. The majority of visitor’s were Russian; if you were not Russian you were made to carry your own luggage and treated like a mug. The hotel was filled with Russian  prostitutes and a gun was found in the disgusting pool! They divide the drinks into watered down ones for the English and the real drink is kept at the back for the Russians. This was most certainly the worst hell hole I have ever had the displeasure of staying in.


So that completes my top 5 I recommend to anyone that if you stumble across one of these hotels that you scrap the idea and go for another place nearby. You assume you’re saving money but in reality you’re not, you end up spending all your money eating and drinking elsewhere so think twice!



Dan Jones.






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