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Three cultural experiences that shouldn’t be missed in the UAE

Dubai culture

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, gives travellers insight into a country where numerous people from numerous parts of the world live and work together in an innovative and every-growing country.

Bringing numerous cultures and religions together, the UAE provides travellers with ample opportunities to meet people from across the globe and learn about multiple traditions, religions and cultures, all from one place through an array of activities and attractions that can be found in each of the UAE’s cities.

If you are planning your next vacation to the UAE, and have an interest in taking part in cultural activities, seeing religious sights or having some fun while learning about a different place, you can add one or more of the following experiences to your itinerary:

Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI – Dubai

The first theme park in the world that is dedicated to all things Bollywood, Bollywood PARKS™ DUBAI is a family attraction in Dubai that offers you insight into everything from music to cuisine, live entertainment to romance, Bollywood style!

Split into five zones – each inspired by Bollywood blockbusters – you are able to indulge in delicious Indian cuisine from a number of restaurants spread throughout the park, shop until you drop at one of their many stores, and take an adventure through the magical world of Bollywood through a number of cinematic rides and attractions.

What’s more, Bollywood PARKS™ has its very own theatre, the Rajmahal Theatre, that hosts several shows a week – including the region’s first Broadway-style musical. Each show is sure to have you up and out of your seat, dancing and engrossed in the performance.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding – Dubai

A non-profit organization, the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding aims to increase awareness and establish understanding between the array of cultures that call Dubai their home.

However, the programs run by the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding are not only for those who live in the UAE, but extends to travellers too, giving you the opportunity to take part, learn and experience them, too!

Through an array of programs – helps to remove barriers between people that are of different nationalities, as well as raise awareness of the country’s local culture, religion, and customs. Some of the popular programs include (but are not limited to) Cultural Meals, Heritage Tours, Jumeirah Mosque Visit and Cultural Awareness.

Eid in the UAE

Although Eid is an experience you will have to plan for – as it only happens once a year at the end of Ramadan – all of the cities that make up the UAE celebrate with a number of parties and feasts that include delicious local cuisine.

Visitors, locals and expats come together to share the wonderful experiences, as each city has their very own calendar of social events planned that are hosted throughout several days, celebrating the end of the Islamic fasting period – which is different every year (usually ten days before the year before).

Holidays provide us with a learning experience unlike any we have experienced before, as we can engage in fun activities and programs that take us out of and away from the educational norms.

If you fancy learning more about different cultures while visiting the UAE, the three activities and attractions we have mentioned are a great place to start!

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