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Top 10 Less-Polluted places for a Healthy Vacation


Do you feel like spending your vacation in a pollution-free place? Have you ever felt like enjoying an Eco-friendly Travel?  Do you ever doubt such places still exist in this fast-growing World? And the answer is “YES”, they are… There are many vacation sites in the World. However, only few of these can be termed as pollution free. Surprisingly, the top ten pollution free sites in the World are all Islands. And I’ll assist you in finding few such places.
Hydra Island

-This island is located in Greece. lt is one of the most pollution free places in the entire World.

-It is most colorful during spring with flowers everywhere.

-Blue water and beautiful Hills surround Hydra Island.

-Motorized transport is banned here and the main means of transport being bicycles, donkeys, boats and ferries.

Perhentian Islands

-These islands are in Malaysia.

-They are still in their natural beauty making them one of the most prolific tourist attractions in Malaysia. -Crystal clear water for diving and snorkeling is one of the main visiting factors.

-The serene beauty of these islands is irresistible to everybody.

Little Corn Island

-This is a non-motorized Island in Nicaragua.

-It is naturally unspoilt and tourism has had no effect on it at all.

-Here, one enjoys Fishing in these crystal clear waters.

Ko Phi Phi Island

-Its Thailand’s most popular tourist attraction site.

-It was the casting site of the Beach Movie in 2001.

-Though it was destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami, this island still remains in its natural form. Most of the materials which were destroyed have been restored.

La Digue island.

This island in Seychelles is warm throughout the year.

-It is known for its numerous beaches and mostly the Anse Source and the Grand Anse.

-In this Island, you get to see the Black Paradise Fly Catcher which is near to becoming extinct.

-It is a home of numerous underwater creatures such as Sharks, Whales and Dolphins.

Kadavu Island

-It is the fourth largest Island in Fiji.

-It is best known for its mountainous terrain, where 75% of its original forest is still intact.

-There are different Bird species in this Island with four species being endemic to this Island.

Lamu Island.

-This is an Island in Kenya best known for its Donkey transport.

-It is one of the main tourist attraction sites in Kenya.

-The Island is accessible via ferry and motor boats only.

-It is in its best natural form with animal and non-mechanized transport being highly encouraged.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

-This is best for a remote tour experience.

-It has tourist huts, a restaurant and a pool.

-Mechanized transport is prohibited in the island with bicycles and horse drawn carts being encouraged.

-Coral formations and numerous marine life makes diving very popular here.

Caye Caulker Island

-This Belizean Island is best known for its many cheap bars and restaurants.

-Access is via small planes and water only.

-Marine life is abundant with swimming and diving being popular.

-This Island is categorized by presence of a natural forest and natural breezes throughout the year.

Rottnest Island

-This Australian Island is best categorized by events such as swimming, fishing, diving, water, surfing and cycling.

-It has very many coastal birds and very many fish species. lt is also a home for number of Sea Lions.

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