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Top 5 Holiday Destinations

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With families looking to get away from it all, what better way than to take a holiday in the sun? Here are my top 5 holiday destinations…..

The U.S.A

One of the most popular holiday destinations for families across the globe.  Featuring 50 states to choose from, each with its own lifestyles and cultures, there really is something for everyone.  It could be the chilling on the beach on the sunny coastline of Florida or trekking up the freezing mountain ranges of Alaska. For the kids, where else than Disneyland? A magical experience that even the old ones can enjoy. Or for that exclusive getaway for adults, why not enjoy the thrills and spills of the famous Las Vegas Strip. No matter the age of you holiday goers, there is always something to do in the good ‘ole USA.



Mixing world renound cultural experiences,  food and it’s spectacular sights and views, Asia is the perfect place for a much needed relaxing getaway. There aren’t many beaches better than those in Asia, and the pick of the bunch is White Beach. Located in Boracay, Phillipines, this pictureesque beach is not known too many, so finding your perfect spot will be easier than you may think – Due to it’s amazing views and perfect surroundings, White Beach is growing increasingly popular mind. And for those who prefer to be a bit more on-the-go, the buddhist temples are perfect for just that. Walk round and admire the cultural masterpiece and you won’t want to leave. To keep those memories of a once in a lifetime holiday, why not take some photos of the awe inspiring journey on an elephant. It’s all in a days work in Asia.



  • South Africa – Those looking to experience a real adventure, South Africa should be at the top of your list. Amazing wild animals, picture perfect surroundings and even better food and wine, why choose anywhere else? In the day, experience the thrills of an open safari or go on a walk through the seemingly endless countryside, then when the sun goes down, enjoy a candle light dinner across the sandy beaches of The Western Cape. A perfect family holiday for adventuring or relaxing on the beach, South Africa will capture your heart and entice you over and over again.

  • World Cruise – Not specifically a holiday destination but more so several. Those who want to experience several holidays in one – a cruise is definitely your answer. Many cruise ships will stop in ports and allow passengers to explore the land. Even better, some cruises holidays are specifically tailored for certain guests. The Garden River cruise is a perfect example of this. Passengers are taken to all the finest gardens around Holland – perfect for those that are keen with a camera as well. Often seen as not something for the ‘younger generation’ to enjoy, cruise ships used to be quite boring. Now, the new Disney Cruise Line is an excellent choice for those seeking a bit of magic on the water. Often looked over as a holiday idea, maybe a cruise is something you should consider for your next getaway?


  • The Caribbean – If peace and tranquillity is your thing then the Caribbean is for you. Well, if you like different cultural experiences, it’s probably for you as well. Oh, and if you like sightseeing as well. As you can probably tell, the Caribbean is perfect for pretty much everyone. Offering something to each individual, whatever you’re into, the Caribbean has it – Great food, beautiful beaches, spectacular views and best of all, the people. The locals, wherever you are, will treat you like royalty. Or if you prefer the company of just those you came with, the beaches and waters are crafted to perfection. For the holiday of your life that you’ll remember for years to come, I would recommend The Caribbean!

Written By James Killick –

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