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Top 5 Travel Destinations For 2014


When you have a career in tourism, knowing about the latest travel trends is critical. Learning about new and interesting places to go or wider industry travel trends is important for ensuring that you remain a reliable source of information for your clients. In 2014, travel destinations move beyond beaches and into exciting new territory. Here are the top 5 travel destinations that vacationers will want to visit in 2014:

Go Local But Personal

More people are jumping on the “staycation” trend in 2014, but this year, it’s going to get a personalized twist. Be ready to make specific recommendations based on personal interests. For example, instead of staying in the best hotel in town and going to a spa, people are going to want to find interesting, unusual getaways in their hometown. Interesting local activities, such as classes, will also be important in 2014.

Get Back to Nature

Today’s smartphones and tablets are fantastic for productivity, but increasingly, people want to get away. In 2014, that’s going to lead to lots of people looking to get back to nature. Forest lodges in particular are a big trend for 2014 as more people want to get the camping experience without dragging heavy tents into the woods. Natural settings with upscale amenities, like spa packages or special activities for children, are going to be a big trend in 2014.

Riding up the River

While ocean cruises still do big business, today’s keeners in travel and tourism are looking for something a little different. River cruises can offer many of the amenities of ocean cruises, but with fewer passengers per boat, leading to a more intimate experience. Look for more people wanting to try out this exotic option for traveling on the water. Other river activities, like tubing or kayaking, may also become more popular in 2014 as people look for fun activity-based vacations. Event planning courses can help you uncover interesting places and activities for the modern traveler.

Urban Activities

Cities are even hotter in 2014 for singles and young couples without kids. Bigger cities offer plenty of amenities and cultural experiences that may not exist in more relaxed areas. Instead of taking time off at a spa, folks on an urban vacation may be more interested in having adventures, setting off on interesting day trips and getting to know the locals. Developing a taste for which cities are the best for travelers can help you understand travel and tourism just a little bit better.

Multi-destination Vacations

Finally, more and more people are looking to travel not just to one place, but to many different places! Many vacationers are looking to pack in as much as possible on one trip. They may want to head to the mountains for two days, then hit a beach, then go hiking through the woods. Be prepared to cater to these adventurous vacationers in 2014.

Whether you’re just taking your first courses or you’ve been in the industry for years, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest trends in travel. 2014 offers plenty of unusual and new experiences for travelers and people in the tourism industry alike.


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