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Top 5 Travel Gadgets

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With the cost of travel often being high, it can be tempting to travel light and not pack too many items or travel with extra suitcases. In this blog post we have a look at some of the best travel gadgets that deserve the space in your luggage!

The Kindle

For avid readers the days of packing a stack of paperbacks to read as you lounge by the pool is over, thanks to the Kindle (or an alternative e-reader). You can now download the books you want to read to your Kindle before you travel (the Kindle with WiFi 6 E Ink Display holds up to 1,400 books and would  be nteresting if you can read that many on your holiday and save loads of space in your suitcase as they are extremely slim devices.

Travel charger

Our smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and MP3 players are now constant companions as we travel and keeping these items charged can be a priority. With access to plugs and mains supplies sometimes restricted, a portable travel charger can be a boon to the traveller and keep your phone running (which when travelling can be a great safety consideration).

I am a big fan of the PowerMonkey Charger from Powertraveller which has a fantastic reputation and the classic model is very reasonably priced , the classic model will recharge your mobile phone up to 3 times.
For MacBook lovers you might want to check out the awesome PlugBug World by Twelve South which allows you to transfer your MacBook Power Adapter into an international power supply to charge not only your MacBook but also your iPhone and iPad at the same time.  For the globe-trotting Apple enthusiast this is the MUST HAVE gadget.

The suitcase scale

For those of you who go fishing this will look very similar to those used to weigh your catch but this little gadget could help save you money. By checking the weight of your suitcase before you travel and before you return (especially if you have spent the trip shopping) you can ensure that you will not exceed your luggage threshold and be liable to pay extra surcharges! Think smart and keep track of the weight!

Money belt

This isnt a very technological gadget but is a great one to invest in  by travelling smart and protecting your money you can protect yourself from disaster while travelling. These travel wallets sit under your clothes and are a discreet solution to travelling with cash. Go check them out now!

Travel tripod

Dont let shakes ruin your holiday snaps. With a small travel tripod you can take great (stable) photos using your compact digital camera. When searching for a tripod look for models designed especially for travel as they will be deliberately compact and lightweight and make sure that it is compatible with your camera!

Whatever you pack dont forget to leave room for a great quality guide book! Oh, and have fun!

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