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Top 7 Places To Travel In France


France is one of the countries that will never disappoint you any time and day or the year, France as also reign as the worlds most visited tourist destinations. With an estimated tourist population of over 83 million in a year, this is due to the sophisticated culture of the people of France. There are Exquisite cuisines, landmarks, romantic chateaux, picturesque countryside, pure wines and lots more.

Notre dame cathedral

Here are the top seven places to visit in France.

Cannes:Cannes located in French Riviera in France; it is one of the busiest tourist destinations in the country. Very beautiful and is popularly known to host the annual Cannes film festivals; the city is also famous for its luxurious restaurants, hotels and shops. The reason for the high popularity of Cannes is the longest and warm summers. You will have the opportunity to see the waterfront, walk and shop along the Boulevard de la Croisette, the ancient museums and possibly book villas along the landmarks.

Paris:Paris is the capital of France and the most populated city. It has many things to offer to the tourists, if you are keen, enough you will be able to pinpoint and visit some amazing places such as the famous Eiffel tower, arc de Triophe, Notre Dame, The art gallery known as the Louvre, the historic Palace of Versailles. On the North West you can even enjoy a ride to the Normandy coast.

Eiffel Tower

Biarritz: Biarritz is located just a few miles from Spain; Biarritz is one of the France countryside. One thing you will love about the Biarritz is the coolness and quite environment where you can enjoy a quiet time.

This city is tranquil and yet an elegant seaside resort, located near the Bay of Biscay is the home of historical architecture such as St Martins church. Enjoy basking on the lovely beaches that offers swimming and surfing.


Marseille City: Marseille is the second largest city after France and a romantic place to visit; you will always love the county’s premier port. There are memorable places you can visit, elegant museums, and take a walk through the La Canebiere. The street will lead you to the amazing port where you can enjoy shopping of France finest crafts. You can visit Marseille city by port, but a journey through train can give you many memories of your travel, or you can even hire a car for yourself but make sure to book driving test before you take on the roads.

Bordeaux: If you love wine tasting, then the only place you will have the liberty to do so is Bordeaux, Being the largest wine producing area, the city pride itself by introducing travelers to its lifestyle. While in Bordeaux you do not need taxi or any mode of transportation, you can take walks around the city and through the vineyards. The city has additional museum of fine arts, and after wine tasting you can enjoy the local tasty and fatty duck liver and round cakes soaked in rum.


Lyons: After few days travelling, the best place to rest your feet is Lyons city. This city is solely known for its delicacies and mouthwatering food; most of the cuisines are famous worldwide. You can enjoy mouthwatering Lyon sausage, Tripe Lyonnais and the quenelles, there are several luxurious restaurant including the Brasseries and Auberge du Pont de Collonges,

Lyons produces the best silk in the world, after dinner you can walk around the city and shop for the best products available.

Rocarnadour, Occitan: Rocamadour is located in the south of Paris, This place is blessed with beautiful cliffs and Gorge, You will love this place if you are into religion, this place is believed to be the resting place for Virgin Mary. There are many monuments and historical building in Rocamadour standing over many centuries.

France has more to offer to tourists, visit it to make your own memories of fun filled travel.

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