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Top Three Markets in the UAE


There is plenty for you to see and experience while on your holiday to the UAE, with a number of luxury hotels in Dubai, popular attractions, glistening beaches and fun activities that the whole family will enjoy. In between stopping at the Burj Khalifa and seeing the Dubai Fountains incredible light and water show, why not stop off and explore one or two of the amazing souks and street markets that offer visitors a chance to enjoy their bustling atmosphere, unique variety of offerings, and an insight in to the authentic flavour of Arabic food and culture. Want to know more? Here is a small selection of markets you can visit during your visit, depending on where you are staying:

The Central Souk in Sharjah

Located in Sharjah, the Central Souk is the ideal location for shop-a-holics who are looking for a chance to browse a wide variety of goods. With over 600 different shops inside the complex, some of the products visitors can buy include jewellery, rugs, collectables and perfume, among other things. Some even say that the Central Souk is one of the best places in the whole of the country to buy an oriental carpet – if you would like to take one home with you! If you’re feeling hungry while at the Central Souk, grab a bite to eat at the souk’s café or the Khalid Lagoon. It is good to know that the Central Souk is located in one of Dubai’s conservative neighbourhoods, meaning that visitors should follow the rules and customs regarding the way that they dress.

Camel Souk in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

As the last of its kind in the UAE, it’s only natural for the Camel Souk, which is located in Al Ain, to be a part of this short list. This special souk gives visitors insight into local customs, as well as a chance to learn more about traditional Arabic culture. The souk is situated just a short drive from Oman, and is the same distance away from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and can be accessed via a short taxi ride from the city centre. Once visitors arrive, they have the chance to witness a camel auction, an important part of Emirati tradition, and have the chance to walk around the camel pens. Visitors should arrive at the Camel Souk early in order to have the best experience and avoid the scorching midday heat.

Masafi Market in Fujairah

This gem can be found on the edge of the Hajar Mountains in between Dubai and Fujairah, and is known for its natural beauty which includes fresh water springs and wadis. This vast market offers a wide range of products, goods and fresh produce, and was originally a market for those who lived in the area. However, more and more travellers are making a point of stopping at the Masafi Market in order to indulge in its wide variety of offerings. Adults can browse the many stalls in search of pottery and carpets, while the children look at the array of toys and snack on candy floss. Two of the main attractions Masafi Market has to offer include roasted corn-on-the-cob covered in salt and lemon, and a selection of pottery that is made using the ancient techniques and designs.

Make sure you have enough space in your suitcase, as you are more than likely to purchase a few beautiful things to take home with you after visiting one or more of these markets or souks!

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