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Top Travel Destinations For Singles


Most people see traveling as something couples or families do together, but that is not always the case. There is a whole swath of people out there who are single and happy about it. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stay at home alone. There is a growing industry focused on traveling for singles and there are numerous destinations around the world that fit perfectly with those just looking for a fun and sociable time.


Here are some of those top destinations for singles.


Dublin, Ireland


If you’re just looking for a place to visit and enjoy the company of locals, Ireland is the place to go. The Irish are a notoriously friendly people who aren’t afraid to sidle up to a stranger for a long and thorough chat at the pub. Apparently, Europe’s biggest matchmaking festival is held in Dublin and while you don’t necessarily have to go for that festival, the mere fact that it’s held there should be an indication that it’s a great place for singles. There’s also a lot of culture and history to explore in the city, so it’s a win-win situation.


Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam is well known for a lot of things and all of them are perfect for singles looking for a good time. The outgoing and party atmosphere of the city along with lax laws about prostitution and drugs make it a prime spot for singles. Single men and women usually feel looser and more adventurous in this unique city, which is why so many venture there.


Lucerne, Switzerland


Just because you’re single, it doesn’t mean you’re always looking for a good time with others. This is what makes Lucerne a great destination. You can get lost in the culture and go on amazingly fun and introspective hikes through the Alps without the burden of trying to impress anyone else.


New York City, United States


Along the same lines as Lucerne, New York City is a great place for someone who wants to enjoy the city on their own, but it also has a vibrant singles scene. The city itself is known for a singles scene among the locals, and there are a ton of clubs and bars you can go to if you’re looking to make some new friends and have a great time without any strings attached.


Miami, United States


Finally, another city in the United States makes this list because of its warm climate, proximity to the ocean and romantic culture. Miami is a place you can go to make long-lasting friends or have a fling. The diversity of the culture and activities there means you could take Salsa lessons with a host of new and interesting people or dance the night away at one of Miami’s famous dance clubs. Either way you look at it, Miami is a great place to go to have fun.


Jack Thompson is a freelancer who writes for a variety of blogs, including Knife Depot.

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