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How I Travel and Make Money At The Same Time


I made it a personal goal to spend as much of my life traveling as I possibly could. While I do need to come home once in a while to spend time with my family and keep my affairs in order, I try to upkeep my finances while I travel. It’s more money I can use to pay my bills back home, and it’s money I can use to find new experiences and try unique things while I’m exploring a new place. I found a few easy ways to keep a modest cashflow while I was out living my best life, and it helped me remove a lot of the limitations of travel.


Mobile Trading

When you get in on the trading game, your money is working for you while you’re out living your life. I was able to Learn To Trade, and now I do it all from my smartphone. It only takes me a few minutes a day to stay up to date. It’s better than keeping all of my savings in a savings account, because the return on my investment is a lot better than the interest I would gain from just letting my money sit there. If I ever need quick cash, I can sell through my app and enjoy the benefits of trading.


Freelancing From Everywhere

I have some experience in web design, and if I know I’m going to be at my travel destination for a few weeks, I’ll pick up a freelance job that I can work on when I’m winding down for the night or I’m spending an easy day recovering from my latest adventure. If you don’t have a freelance skill, you can always ask the company you currently work for if they’ll allow you to work remotely. If they use cloud based services, they’ll probably let you.


Keeping a Travel Blog

My travel blog started as a way for me to document and organize my experiences, kind of like a virtual scrapbook. I quickly found that more than just my friends and family were interested in my experiences. People who can’t afford to travel or can’t take the time off of work don’t want to feel like they’re missing out, and my blog allows them the experience to live vicariously through me. I even use networking connections I made through my blog to meet other travel bloggers!


House Sitting

House sitting is a great way to make money. People at your current destination who are looking to go somewhere else may feel more comfortable having a trusted person stay at their home. Sometimes, they need someone to water their plants, walk their pets, and receive their mail while they’re gone. It’s more than getting a free place to stay – you’re getting paid to stay there! Of course you need to do a little bit of work, but it’s not enough to really disrupt your vacation. House sitting became way more fun than staying at hostels or hotels.


If you plan to travel for a month at a time, you can always look for local jobs in the tourism industry. Businesses in places where the main language isn’t English really appreciate someone who can truly communicate with their tourist customers! As long as you’re inventive, there are always ways to make some cash while you’re doing what you love.



With her great interest in business, digital marketing and self-growth, Camilla Dabney supports as a Content Coordinator. Whenever not working, she enjoys spending her time outside, jogging and rock climbing. Feel free to follow her on her Twitter.

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