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Understand the Factors That Contribute To Cheap Flight Services


While travelling to long distance flights it becomes necessary to book cheap flights for maintaining the budget. Searching for flights could be frustrating but really a great and rewarding experience. As airline ticketing is a complex process, the airfare is being influenced by several factors that contribute greatly to its pricing factor.


Have you ever wondered why your seat mate have paid relatively different price for the same flight in which you are travelling? It is just because there are various factors that determine the final price of the ticket. For an instance, while booking cheap flights to New York or any other long distance route, one may pay different amount as compared to other passengers boarding on the same flight. Thus, for understanding this difference between pricing factors, one should be aware of those factors that greatly influence the cost of the airline tickets for the same distance. Let us now have a look on those factors:


  • First of all the cost of plane ticket includes various different factors like the base fare, airport costs, operating costs, seat selection, baggage, administration charges as well as other taxes. All these depend on the ticket that you are purchasing for which class- business, economy or first class. In addition to this, it includes the types of passengers that are going to travel, the destination along with the flight date and time. The purchase date also matters a lot along with the supply-demand of the seat you wish to travel in.

  • Secondly the airline ticket pricing depends on the type of traveler like business traveler or leisure traveler. The business class people are usually less conscious as well as are prone to buy last-minute tickets. These tickets have high-end prices and mostly include business as well as first-class tickets. The leisure travelers are usually ultra price conscious who are usually flexible with different travelling dates through different dates. The leisure tickets usually have lower-end prices of the tickets.

  • Next factor that is to be considered for fluctuation of airline ticket prices greatly depends on the seat demand. The airlines generally uses the sophisticated computer programs which constantly monitors the flight just in order to analyze the booking patterns as well as evaluating the changing number of seats that are available. This process usually happens until few hours before departure of flight. Due to this reason one can definitely expect last minute flight bookings but the only thing is that one has to pay high amount for last minute bookings.

Thus, to get the air tickets at the best affordable rates, one should pay heed to the factors such as booking the tickets in advance, departing or arriving at the less convenient timing like early in the morning or late after dinner time as well as having minimum time period to stay. Avoiding too early booking could also prove to be helpful in saving your lots of bucks. This implies not to book tickets before six months or a year in advance as the revenue managers don’t have enough data for forecasting the demand and thus tend for picking up default level that is much conservative. Also before booking tickets in a bulk, one should check the prices or the cost for single passenger first and thus proceed further towards next step.

This is how one can go with booking of the cheapest flight services by just remembering above few factors.

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