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Utilizing Winter Months To Budget For Summer Vacations

winter months

It’s January and the snow/cold weather is relentless this season. It’s hard to imagine a day at the beach or eating outside for lunch. However, it’s what helps to get through the dreary winter days. I have Facebook friends booking camping trips already; I can’t help but think that is a good idea! It gets the mind to thinking of boat roads, hiking, climbing sand dunes, and creating fun and happy memories.

Camping for some, myself included, is more like staying in cabins or RV’s, rather than “roughing it” on the ground of a tent. Tents are easily enhanced with an inflatable mattress, but when planning for a week’s vacation, a cabin would be the best option. It has all the amenities, such as bedrooms and kitchen appliances for breakfasts and late night snacks.

From the city to rural country, camping provides a nice get away in the outdoors. Take the winter months to prepare a budget for summer vacations. Since kids aren’t out of school until mid-June that gives families a decent six months to plan and prepare for summer adventures.

Before a budget is determined, figure out what is non-negotiable. What are the events, locations or dates that cannot be passed while on vacation? While I personally find a vacation the most relaxing with my cabin sleeping arrangements and a beach getaway, it’s not the case for everybody. Another factor is how far do you want to travel? This can play a roll in the gas money of the budget.

Once location and priorities have been settled, focus can be completely on the budget. There are the obvious factors of lodging, airfare or gas money, and food to consider. There are variable costs to consider, such as souvenirs and other little payments that’ll add up, like tipping at restaurants or cab fare.

What I like to do is consider the number of days I will be on vacation and come up with a daily amount to keep my budget in check. For example, in August I will be on vacation for seven days, so at least, I’d like to save $700. However, this is my minimal budget, some extra savings would be wise for those unexpected expenses.

Saving for a vacation and budgeting is important for ease of mind while on vacation. It is one less thing to worry about so you can just have fun, knowing your budget is intact.


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